Peer Panels

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Like “phoning a friend” without waiting to get on a game show! Bring your questions to experienced youth workers who’ve “been there.”

Ask a ministry veteran! That’s why we created Peer Panels, stacked with youth ministry mentors ready to hear your questions and insights, and to offer in-the-moment feedback and help.

Ministry to Post-Christian Students

Assessing and Fueling Spiritual Growth

Helping Physically, Emotionally, and Sexually Abused Kids

Living a Healthy Ministry Lifestyle

Veteran Hacks for a Long-term Youth Ministry

Re-Thinking Evangelism

Making Technology Work for Your Ministry

Creative Ways to Live on a Ministry Salary

Burnout Recovery and Prevention in Ministry

Handling Tough Topics With Teenagers & Parents

How to Raise the Standard for Love, Sex, and Dating

Reaching Fringe Kids

Creative and Effective Discipline

Building Strong Staff Relationships

Innovative Ways to Teach

A Family Survival Guide for Ministry

A Battle Plan for Difficult Parents

Learning From Ministry Mistakes

The Path to Growth as a Leader

Fueling Growth in Student Leaders

Thriving as Women in Youth Ministry

Ministry to LGBT Students