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Free Downloads for the Best SYMC Ever!

We put together a few helpful downloads to help you get approval to attend, bring a youth worker friend, and then make the most of your SYMC experience in Chicago.

Get Them Excited

Flier for Senior Pastor, Leadership Team, or Committee - Includes the most important info like where, when, what, and most importantly, why you and your ministry will benefit from attending SYMC 2016.

Share your SYMC Experience

Invitation Flier for a fellow youth worker - Includes the most important details about SYMC and an editable section where you can add your own experience with SYMC and why they should join you in 2016.

Get Your Grub On

Places to eat near the event - Includes best places to eat by category and how to get there from the Hyatt Regency O'Hare.

Experience Downtown Chicago

Quick trips into the city, created just for you - Includes info for all the best attractions in Chicago. Whether you're looking for shopping, music, art, sight-seeing, or food, we've gathered all the details (plus how to get there) so you can take advantage of all Chicago has to offer while you're at SYMC.

If You Want to Register Offline

Printable SYMC registration form - Prefer to register by check through the mail? Use this printable registration form.

Download the Full Brochure

Maybe you didn't get one this year in the mail - or you did and accidentally tossed it. Have no fear! You can download it here. Feel free to email this to anyone you know who is interested in SYMC.

Veronica Preston

A Message from the Downloads Creator

"You GUYS! I am so excited to be in Chicago with you in October! I LOVE putting fun travel plans together. When our team came up with the idea to create some trips to downtown Chicago, I couldn’t WAIT to start researching, studying GoogleMaps, and picturing all of us walking the busy streets of the city! So, from me to you: a mini-travel guide for a variety of personalities and passions! ENJOY! (Oh, and if I messed up a direction or two, please forgive me). TO CHICAGO!!"

Veronica Preston - SYMC Creative Director