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Shane and Shane

& Shane

SYMC worship leaders and founders of the Worship Initiative

After more than a decade of relentless touring, Shane & Shane have shifted the emphasis of their ministry squarely on discipleship. Known for their celebrated guitar work and trademark harmonies, the duo has pared back their performance schedule to pour their lives into others—discipling musicians and training them in their craft. The result is The Worship Initiative, now an online resource and community for all things worship. In addition to kickstarting new resources for worship leaders, they also have a new record titled The Worship Initiative (Fair Trade Services). True to the spirit of their Web site, the album showcases mostly other people’s worship songs. Many are staples from Shane & Shane’s set list at the Porch, where they lead worship every week for a few thousand souls at Watermark church in Dallas. The core of The Worship Initiative is about two men pouring their lives into others for the sake of the Kingdom. Shane Everett sums it up: “We wanted to create an opportunity for people to love Jesus in what they do.”

Jason Earls


Stand-up comedy that packs a punch

Comedian Jason Earls travels the globe making people of all walks of life laugh. His unique, insightful, and energetic comedy style has taken him as far as Japan and West Africa. With appearances on national television, Jason was voted ITM Live's Best Comedian and Seattle's Favorite Comedian. His goal is to use his comedy platform to encourage people to move closer to their ultimate purpose...glorifying God. Jason Earls writes and develops content for marriage and family for nationally known artists and ministries and has earned the title “Comedy Familologist.” He's a funny man, a family man, and a man of faith.


Michael and
Lisa Gungor

Dive into a unique worship experience

Michael and Lisa Gungor are curators of the Grammy-nominated musical collective simply known as Gungor. The duo uses their skills as accomplished songwriters and multi-instrumentalists to tell honest and forthright stories—some personal and some allegorical. Together they've tapped their considerable musical reserves to blur genres and break expectations creating a unique magnetic expression. Gungor recently embarked on their most ambitious creative project thus far: One Wild Life. The band will release three full-length albums—Soul, Spirit, and Body—over the next 12 months. They kicked off the album trilogy with One Wild Life: Soul, which debuted as the #15 album on iTunes Alternative chart. While each record will carry a distinct vibe, the album series presents a body of work that celebrates the adventure and challenges faced by Michael and Lisa Gungor since the release of their album I Am Mountain two years ago.

John Michael Hinton


Mind-blowing illusions with a purpose

John Michael Hinton uses no sorcery at all when he performs his captivating illusions. He makes people doubt their senses, question their reality, and search for answers. He fakes the supernatural to cause people to desire the Real Supernatural! In his words: “My goal is simply to be a tool that God can use to spread His incredible gospel. If my illusions earn me the right to be heard, awesome. But it’s the heart of God that I want you to truly walk away remembering.” For more info and to see him in action please visit: