Missions and Outreach

Missions and Outreach

Doing Life, Doing Good, since 1977

Since 1977, Group Cares serves people worldwide through donations of money, time, and effort. Our meaningful ministries make a difference in thousands of lives each year! Whether it's a Bible lesson, kids' craft, community outreach, or youth mission trip, everything we do revolves around helping people grow in their relationships with Jesus and each other.

Group Mission Trips

Domestic Mission Trips »

Over the past 40 years nearly a half million people have served communities all across America.

International Trips

International Trips »

Serving people around the world opens your heart to the needs of others, expands your worldview, and brings your faith to life.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach »

Build relational bridges into your community and reach the unreached with the love of Christ in fresh new ways.

Children's Outreach

Children's Outreach »

Reach deserving kids around the globe with service outreach programs for children.