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Mission Support Roles at our Domestic Locations

In addition to the positions offered on our Blue Crew, there are many ways you can share your time and talents with Group’s Lifetree Adventures®.

In a mission support role, you are lending your skills to help make the mission-trip experience truly remarkable for the people arriving from across the country.

By serving in one of these roles, your registration fee is waived and you are offered food and housing for the week.

If you are interested, please submit your contact information, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Support Roles

Program Support

You’ll work closely with the Lifetree Adventures staff to produce powerful large-group programs. By making sure audio and visual elements enhance the experience, you’ll help make each morning and evening worship memorable. Your technical abilities will ensure that participants can seamlessly enjoy every moment of the large-group experience. The person in this role should have experience with A/V equipment, social media aptitude, an attention to detail, and a heart for service.

Site Coach

You’ll get to interact with multiple crews of youth and adults, consulting with them and building their confidence as they complete quality projects by the end of the week. Your friendly, enthusiastic leadership will impact not only crews, but local residents at home-repair sites in the community. Site Coaches need construction knowledge, the ability to stay active throughout the day (driving, walking, lifting), and problem-solving skills as you help crews tackle home-repair projects.

Lodging Support

You’ll work closely with Lifetree Adventures staff and the lodging facility staff who make each day run smoothly for both Lifetree Adventures participants and the host facility. This unique role focuses on building relationships with kitchen and custodial staff at the facility where participants stay. You may find yourself emptying trash cans, checking that meals will be delicious, or talking to the night custodian about what it’s like to work third shift. You will listen, care, and communicate Jesus’ love. This role requires a servant's heart, a willingness to listen, and a focus on hospitality.

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