Group's Lifetree Adventures 2019 Spring Break Options

Do Something Greater With Your Spring Break

Spring break! A time to refresh, a chance to see new places—and an opportunity to serve others?

Partner with Group’s Lifetree Adventures® mission trips this spring for an experience that will have a long-lasting impact on your life and the lives of the people you serve.

Join us on one of three international mission trips, each carefully designed to include:

  • Meaningful service projects at carefully selected and prepared sites
  • Intentional Jesus-style experiences of discipleship, woven throughout the week
  • Powerful content created by the spiritual growth experts at Group Publishing
  • Unique experiences connecting you to each location’s individualized, deep culture.

Learn more about each unforgettable mission trip below.

Dominican Republic

Caribbean Adventure

March 23–30, 2019

Build relationships with the people of the Dominican Republic as you serve and experience the natural beauty the country has to offer!

Set in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a prime vacation destination. With lush rainforests, almost 1,000 miles of sunny coastline, mountain ranges, waterfalls, Latin art, dance, and music, it’s an adventure waiting to happen!

Service Opportunity—Along with Group’s Lifetree Adventures®, you’ll have an opportunity to serve in partnership with a long-term missionary family on outreach projects most needed by “the least of these” in the Dominican Republic, including serving kids and/or seniors, construction, a medical and dental clinic, clean water, and prayer ministry.


Orphanage, Indigenous Women, Construction

March 7–16, 2019

Spend a week serving the local community and a home for blind children, then experience a once-in-a-lifetime African safari!

Kenya is full of adventures—from the sandy beaches to the 45 national parks and reserves to the bustling cities. The diversity of landscapes, animals, plant life, and fascinating culture are like no other. Yet a harsh reality, in both bustling cities and rural areas, are droves of children without parents or the resources they need to thrive.

Join with Lifetree Adventures® and serve at an orphanage in Nairobi. Spend time with the children sharing the love of Jesus. Work on a project that will enhance the facilities for the orphans. Following your time in Nairobi, head to the Amboseli National Park and the land of the Maasai. There you’ll work with Maasai women spending time in a rescue center that helps women who have been abused. You’ll also assist with an educational program for the women.

Your adventure concludes with an epic safari in world famous Amboseli National Park, renowned for its herds of free-ranging elephants in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro—as you make memories to last a lifetime. It’ll be an unforgettable experience that will transform your mind, heart, and soul forever.


Refugee Adventure

February 1–10, 2019

Visit the ancient Pyramids and the Sphinx, experience 5,000 years of history at the Egyptian Museum, explore the Abdeen Palace.

Despite its rich culture and intriguing travel opportunities, Egypt has many areas of great need. With more than 200,000 refugees and asylum seekers (registered with UNICEF) from 58 different nationalities, Egypt is taxed with more than one country can handle. In addition to its refugee population, disadvantaged locals, orphanages, and disregarded children abound.

In partnership with Group’s Lifetree Adventures® and a reputable international organization ministering in the country, you’ll work with African refugees—distributing food packets to families and investing quality time with their children.

You’ll be able to serve at an orphanage and interact with disabled children and staff, along with offering aid and prayer to poor families. With the local church, you’ll organize a Sunday school program and participate in a prayer boat ride on the Nile.

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