Group's Lifetree Adventures Mission Trips

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  • Meaningful service projects at carefully selected and prepared sites
  • Intentional Jesus-style experiences of discipleship, woven throughout the week
  • Powerful content created by the spiritual growth experts at Group Publishing
  • 40 years of experience providing safe, worry-free, short-term mission experiences
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Hugging at a Group Lifetree Adventure Mission Trip
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Group’s Lifetree Adventures® is the short-term mission experience that combines service with discipleship.

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Lifetree Adventures Ingredients

Baked into Every Lifetree Adventures Trip

  1. Service

    Whether you’re painting a house yellow, making a group of kids tickled pink, or lifting a lonely old lady out of the blues, you’ll be filling lives with the color of Jesus through your daily service experiences.

  2. Discipleship

    Discipleship changes your reasons and motivation for serving. Our daily adventures in becoming disciples of Jesus transform the way you think, the way you view others, and most of all, the way you see God all around you.

  3. Mystery excursions

    These transformative surprises range from personal prayer experiences to exciting scavenger hunts, quests of generosity, and looking for the heart of Jesus in a community—and they springboard into a lifelong journey with Jesus.

  4. Culture

    Each location offers unique experiences that connect you to the locale and its individualized, deep heritage. You might yodel, dance, cook, craft, clog, powwow, or sing—all kinds of unforgettable, cultural wows.

  5. Jesus

    Every day you dive deep into Jesus—who he is, how to know his heart, and why we’re designed to love and share our unique gifts and talents (even ones we didn’t know we have yet!). You’ll find God’s love flowing through you in miraculous ways.

  6. Friendship

    Not only will you make everlasting bonds with the group you come with, you’ll also form lifelong friendships with new people as you serve alongside each other during the week. Faith is a relationship, and with Lifetree Adventures®, relationships are everything.

  7. Easy Adventures

    When you team up with Lifetree Adventures®, all you need to do is show up ready to serve. We take care of all the details—setup, lodging, meals, materials for projects, work descriptions, programming, and more.

    You’ll also get a personal adviser to be your travel agent, concierge, and prayer partner throughout the entire process. Your job couldn’t be easier.

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You won’t go home the same person. Our friends-of-God approach to discipleship makes you rethink your relationship with God, and it changes the way you live your life.

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Trips for Any Size Church Group or Family

Domestic and International Trips

Relationships form the best context for spiritual growth, which is why a mission trip with Lifetree Adventures will open the hearts of your youth group, small group, family, men’s group, choir, women’s ministry group, or anyone excited to serve on a short-term mission trip.

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If you’re looking for a truly life-changing adventure—domestic or international—we’ll guide you to the one that fits you best.

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Mission Trip Locations

Offering Domestic and International Mission Trip Experiences

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  • The Youth Mission Trip catalog highlights the domestic mission trip locations, as well as the international destinations we suggest for traveling with teenagers.
  • The International Mission Trip catalog outlines each destination in detail, and can help you decide the best trip for your unique group.
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Lifetree Adventures

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