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The Bible can be intimidating for teenagers and disconnected from their everyday life. In Pierced, they'll be immersed in a narrative version of the New Testament that reads more like a regular book, filled with the artwork, and real-life “margin notes” and highlights, of teenagers from all over the world.
The Youth Ministry Team at Group--the same team that created the bestsellers Jesus-Centered Bible and Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry--has created 28 life-changing devotions that are simple to lead and packed with highly engaging activities.
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Jesus was always asking questions... He used them to pry open conversations. Spark insights. Inspire discoveries.

And people who actually answered Jesus' questions always got more than they bargained for.
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Jesus loves both sides of your brain.

He likes the part of you that takes notes during sermons, but he's crazy about the side that doodles in class. That wonders and wanders. That asks why? and why not? and what's next?
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Welcome to your new favorite quiet you'll share with Jesus.

Whether you're an experienced or first-time colorist, inspiration's waiting for you in the pages of this devotional coloring book.
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Use these one-hour studies to lead your small group, youth group, or Sunday school class in seeing Jesus in fresh, new ways! Jesus as Creator…as the second Adam…as life and faith's cornerstone—you'll experience seven in-depth discoveries in all.
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By Kurt Johnston, Rick Lawrence, & Jeff Storm

Think your teenagers know Jesus? Think again.

For more than two millennia, Jesus has been at the center of pretty much everything, and no one has had a bigger influence on our daily lives than Jesus. Most of us think we have a pretty good handle on who Jesus is and what he did.

But we don'’t.

This interactive teen devotional will help teenagers "reframe" what they already know about Jesus so they can grow in relationship with him. Try the Reframing Jesus devotional when looking for devotions for teens.

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The Essential Guide to My New Life With Jesus is a practical, encouraging tool that walks students through the “what’s next” of their faith. Whether your students are brand new Christians or simply want to build their relationship with Jesus, this easy-to-read guide answers questions about the most exciting journey they’ll ever go on. With insight from the Bible and plenty of humor, the short but info-packed chapters are designed to help students experience the thrill and everyday rhythms of following Jesus.
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This highly interactive, chunk-size devotional will help you take a fresh look at what you think you already know about Jesus, so you can grow your friendship with him.
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By Chuck Bomar

As high school draws to a close, teenagers face many questions they'’re afraid to ask, insecurities they may be unwilling to examine, and freedoms they'’re unsure how to handle. How can we as parents and leaders help our young people prepare for this important transition?

Ready. Set. Next. will help juniors and seniors gear up for life after high school--—critical years that will shape their faith, relationships, and direction in life. This young adult Christan book is an easily consumable book that tells the story of three fictional characters walking through this season of change. Within this Christian book for young adults, each chapter includes insightful questions to help readers process key concepts and life events.  Try Ready. Set. Next. when looking for discipleship books for young adults.

Author Chuck Bomar served as a college pastor for many years, so he's helped countless young adults discover how to identify top priorities after graduation, understand the changes in friendships and family relationships, and pursue God’'s plans and purposes.

Help teenagers discover excitement and confidence as they prepare for life after high school. Ready. Set. Next. makes a great graduation gift that will help young adults think a little differently and a little more intentionally about this incredible season of life.
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These three resources will help your students continue to grow in their faith long after they've left your ministry!
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By Tim Levert

If you’re like a lot of teenagers we know, you want to passionately follow Jesus, lead a faith-filled life, and trust God more. In other words, you want to live and reveal God’s kingdom in the ordinary, everyday moments of life.

But what does that actually look like—and how can you do it?

Tim Levert, who’s been a youth pastor for a long time, has written 24/7 as an “instruction guide” on living as a committed follower of Jesus. It’s organized around an average day in your life, and each chapter offers solid thoughts on living God’s kingdom and revealing God’s kingdom.

24/7 will give you specific, practical suggestions, and then challenge you to think about what else you can do—next steps in living out your faith.

As you journey through this book, you’ll be inspired and invited to trust and follow Jesus’ words and example in your life!

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