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LIVE lines include age graded and non-graded curriculum. Our age graded curriculum covers elementary to college. Our non age-graded curriculum can be used from pre-teen (5th & 6th) to college.

LIVE curriculum and LIVE message Series are designed to cover a 50-60 minute lesson or message. Both lines are designed as a springboard for discussion among your students.

LIVE is developed by the teams at Group's Simply Youth Ministry in partnership with experienced youth leaders from around the globe. (see our contributors)

Both the Message Series and Curriculum can be downloaded and photocopied for your leaders or other teachers. You can choose to invite your team and leaders to use the engine and have access online or you can simply have a single administrator who downloads and distributes. It's up to you.

Not at all! Your leaders don’t have to be theologians to use the material. We’ve crafted lessons & messages that are easily understood, with principles that leaders can grasp and pass along to their teenagers. Plus, LIVE lessons & messages emphasize discussion and meaningful connections among students. Caring and intentional leaders thrive with this curriculum.

Not at all! We’ve created a resource that helps youth workers do what matters most, and we’ve intentionally provided you with as much flexibility as possible. You know your students better than we do, so if you feel that a different sequence or arrangement would work better than what we recommended, we encourage you to do what is best for your students.

Nope! LIVE provides biblical answers to life’s question, but also encourages discussion, debate, examination, and self-reflection among students. We believe healthy discussion is essential to help students own their faith.

You bet! The lessons & messages feature discussion questions and application principles that will be relevant to your teenagers, regardless of gender. In LIVE curriculum (where there's more intentional discussion time) in some cases, we recognize guys and girls may approach a lesson topic differently, so we’ve provided a variety of questions and illustrations specifically for guys or girls groups.

Yes! LIVE is built on the REAL teaching principles: Relational, Experiential, Applicable, and Learner-based. Each week, your students build relationships through interactive elements, challenging questions that cause them to dig deeper, and real-life application.

Of course. LIVE is designed to work in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Any computer with internet access and the latest version of your favorite internet browser works great.

As we laid out each plan we wanted to ensure the youth leader would have complete flexibility as they planned out their lesson calendar thus accommodating for cancellations due to weather, local or national issues that arise, summer calendars as well as the flexibility to focus on any church campaign. We also have the LIVE Holiday curriculum that has a variety of specific holiday lessons to mix into your program. LIVE message Series can be used for 4-6 weeks and is flexible for you.

Absolutely! For LIVE curriculum right inside the lesson you can click "Customize" allowing you to change, move around, delete, or add your own sections to the material. We also provide you with the Microsoft Word documents so you can customize each lesson to fit your youth ministry needs. Flexibility is the key and we want you to be able to customize the material to fit the DNA of your ministry setting.

LIVE Messages all come as word documents allowing you to match the message to your group's unique needs.

LIVE works for any size group. With it's super easy flexibility it's scalable for any church size.

Great question! We believe LIVE is incredibly affordable for most youth ministries. For example, with LIVE High School, you’ll have complete access to 144 lessons, and with LIVE Junior High, 72 lessons. All LIVE lines include both leader guides and student handouts. Print as many copies as you need for all your leaders and students. The online management system allows you to edit communicate, edit and schedule everything in one place. In comparison to other traditional youth ministry curriculum providers, that’s more added value for the cost. All LIVE lines cost about the same price as one Starbucks drink a week!

Yes. LIVE is mobile-friendly from any device. The mobile experience is designed allow you to do any task with the same ease as the browser-version. Simply open your web browser on your mobile device, log in to your LIVE account, and save it as a bookmark. Basically, connect like you would to an app, but with better functionality.

Absolutely! You’re LIVE login will allow you to access your account from any device, anywhere.