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Jesus didn't settle for small wins. Neither should you.

Your teenagers CAN grow and change in big ways.

Teenagers need Jesus more than ever—not the storybook Jesus, but the heart-pumping, truth-declaring, still-in-the-miracle-business Jesus. The real Jesus who promised that his tribe would do even greater things than him (John 14:12).

That's what Group's new Greater Things youth curriculum promises to deliver: a weekly experience that grabs teens' attention and leads to:

  • Unforgettable conversations that reliably break beyond the surface
  • Eager participation because teens are guiding discussion, not just spectating
  • Evidence that teens are thinking like never before, leading to profound discoveries about God, life, and themselves
  • An uptick in tangible habits like Bible reading and prayer

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The best part? You'll see kids transformed before your eyes. No joke. Week after week, your teenagers will show visible, tangible growth in their faith. Jesus calls this discipleship, and the wins are big.

We'll show you how to follow his example! Using carefully crafted open-ended questions, video parables, and Biblically grounded teaching, Greater Things uses Jesus’ favorite discipleship tools.

Don't settle for small wins any longer. It's time for BIG victories—and lots of them—in your youth ministry.