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Where Moms Connect: A Year of Blessing Bundle
Was: $299.89
Now: $174.99
Moms come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing's for sure--all moms need to connect with other moms! Where Moms Connect is a unique moms ministry curriculum that brings women together and helps them connect naturally, through discussion, Bible study and fun. No matter where a mom is on her journey, she’'s welcome at Where Moms Connect.

This bundle contains the Year of Blessing annual program kit, plus 10 copies of A Mom's Book of Blessing, for the women who will join your group, for just $249.99. That’s a nearly $5 discount on the participant guides! This is the best value to get your Where Moms Connect group started right away!
Where Moms Connect: A Year of Blessing Kit
Was: $149.99
Now: $75.00
For moms, some days it's easy to count blessings and others (like when the flu hits or homework gets forgotten) are more challenging. Where Moms Connect: A Year of Blessing helps moms find thanks for the good days and the not-so-good days and also leads them to be a blessing to others.

Covering a variety of different topics that are important to moms (see below for a few examples!), this 9-month curriculum guides women in conversation and activity that naturally leads to authentic friendships. By sharing stories, prayer time, and faith-based discussions, moms will find connections and friendships with other moms.
A Mom's Book of Blessing
$9.74 - $14.99
A Mom's Book of Blessing is the participant book for Where Moms Connect

This year as you join with other moms at Where Moms Connect, you'll find blessings on the journey of momhood and in your relationship with God.

This book will be your guide every step of the way. Tucked in these pages you'll find all the notes, Bible verses, reflections, and other content you'll need to participate each time you gather at Where Moms Connect. Be sure to bring this book along when you meet.

We know life as a mom is busy—we also know you care about growing yourself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Along with the content for each session of Where Moms Connect, we've included additional notes for you to read and reflect on—these are for you to use as you want, as you have time, with no guilt and no pressure.
Where Kids Connect Bible Lessons - Volume 3
Use with Where Moms Connect  for keeping kids connected while their moms are gathered.

The Where Kids Connect Bible Lessons have been created for keeping kids connected and learning about Jesus as their moms enjoy their time at Where Moms Connect. This guide contains 18 Bible lessons for kids who are preschool through early elementary grades.
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