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Women Singing

Session 1

Garden Getaway begins by bringing women together with a fun icebreaker. Women will start focusing on Ecclesiastes 3 and discussing how God is in control through every season.

Women Smiling

Session 2

With a time of singing and a time of discussion, the second session is all about how God makes everything beautiful in his time.

Women Looking Off into Space

Session 3

Women will go on a prayer walk, taking time to reflect on God's Word and listen to his voice. This works no matter where you hold your retreat.

Making a Craft

Session 4

Supporting others in times of need is one of the best ways we can walk with God and show his love. The fourth session has women create a gift to give to a friend.

Women Crying

Session 5

In this session, women will talk and pray about the difficult seasons in life and the weeds that can infest the garden of our lives, and then look to God for healing.

Women Smiling

Session 6

The final session is a celebration of the wonderful work God is doing in our lives with a focus on being grateful each and every day.

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