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Mission Trips from Start to Finish
Was: $29.99
Now: $6.00
Ah, the missions trip. Whether across the city or across the globe, it can seem daunting to the inexperienced or the unprepared. But with Mission Trips From Start To Finish, you'll find expert advice to make planning and executing yours as simple as possible. This practical tool is designed to guide first-time trip planners step-by-step, while also providing old pros with a host of tools to be used over and over again. It'll save you time, headaches, and possibly legal and law enforcement trouble! Prison ministry, anyone?
Small Groups From Start to Finish
Was: $29.99
Now: $6.00
According to Doug Fields, the number one question people ask him is "How do I start an effective small group program?" This resource is his answer. Everything Doug and his ministry partner Matt McGill know about launching small groups has been put into this production pack resource.

The Small Groups From Start To Finish production pack walks you through 10 clear steps on how to launch a healthy small group program within your youth ministry. Included in all of this information is a CD-ROM with all resources used in the small group ministry at Saddleback Church. We've crammed everything we can in there to help make your small group launch a success.
$5 Youth Ministry: Low-Cost Ideas for Effective Ministry
Was: $9.99
Now: $2.00
It seems like no matter how good the economy is, there's never enough money in the youth budget. That’s why $5 Youth Ministry is packed cover to cover with effective, easy-to-implement ideas--that all cost about $5 or less. And most importantly, this book goes beyond just icebreakers and games--every page is written to help build and grow relational youth ministry.
The Basics
Was: $29.99
Now: $6.00
By Joshua Griffin

The best coaches, the most effective teachers, and the strongest leaders all know this truth: If you want to build something that endures, you have to start with the basics.

That idea applies to our spiritual journey, too. The Basics will help students explore, discuss, and apply some of the core truths of the Christian faith. The truths in this series aren't called "basic" because they're childish or simplistic; they're "basic" because they're foundational and essential to leading a life that honors God.

Each week, your teenagers will explore key Scriptures that relate to these topics, discuss the significance of each biblical truth, and consider how it relates to their lives today.
The Challenge
By Kurt Johnston

Tired of finding yourself the target of all those messy, muddy, mucky games your students thoroughly enjoy? The Challenge allows you to capture the energy of those crowd-pleasing competitions without the nuisance of cleaning up!

Hosted by veteran youth pastor Kurt Johnston, these 20 video-based contests will engage and entertain your students. The concept is simple: Your group will watch the premise and setup for each game and guess the outcome or results——and then watch it all unfold!
The Skinny on Parents
Was: $6.99
Now: $2.80
Parents are the biggest influence on the lives of teenagers—a fact that research has proved again and again. Yet interactions with parents can be one of the trickiest areas for a youth worker to navigate well. Great youth ministries are passionate about helping parents—the key influence on teenage faith—succeed in their God-given roles. That’s the foundational message of The Skinny on Parents, which will lead you toward a place where you focus a little bit more of your energy on resourcing, equipping, partnering with, and empowering parents.
The Skinny on Service
Was: $6.99
Now: $2.80
By Tony Myles with Doug Franklin

Take a look around at the brokenness in this world and its spiritual poverty. Jesus wants to change all of that, and he’'s looking for teenagers who want that change to start in them. Youth worker, that’s where you come in! When your students serve others, they'’re serving Jesus. Serving helps teenagers draw closer to Jesus and become more like him. And serving creates opportunities to talk about Jesus and share his amazing good news. Ultimately, every act of genuine Christian service points to Jesus'’ ultimate act of service on the cross.

The Skinny on Service unpacks the powerful reasons why it’'s important for you and your students to serve others, but you'’ll also get page after page of practical ideas on how to serve. You'’ll be equipped to help teenagers discover the joy of serving faithfully “before,” even if they don’'t personally get to see the fruit "after."
The Skinny on Volunteers
Was: $6.99
Now: $2.80
A youth ministry needs a solid group of volunteers to be truly effective. We youth workers all know this--but how do we make it happen?

The Skinny on Volunteers will help you concentrate on three simple skills that will help you build a crew of effective leaders: recruiting, keeping, and training volunteers.
The Word
Was: $29.99
Now: $12.00
By Johnny Scott with Jacqueline Pierre

Ever heard a teenager complain that the Bible is boring, irrelevant, or outdated? Looking for a tool to engage students in building a lifelong habit of reading, studying, and following God's Word?

Help teenagers explore the life-giving richness of God's Word with this DVD-based curriculum from Johnny Scott, Christ In Youth's junior high program director, and teenage author and speaker Jacqueline Pierre.

Each session features a teaching segment filmed on location overseas, helping your students visually experience the history and richness of God's Word.
Through the Bible in 12 Weeks
Was: $14.99
Now: $3.00
This highly experiential study uses narration, conversation, and art to relate a powerful overview of God's big story--as revealed in the Bible! Teenagers will explore how this dynamic assortment of ancient books is interlinked, purposeful, and part of an ongoing adventure. They'll gain a better understanding of God's dealings with people throughout the history of the world--from Creation to the present, and into the future. To help them grasp the "big picture," teens will design a mural and add to it each week, developing a panoramic view of God's story. They'll see how they're part of His story, how their roots go back to Creation, and that their future can be in the New Creation. Great for young adult small groups!
Upside Down
Was: $29.99
Now: $6.00
By Chad Monahan and Kurt Johnston

Stories can entertain and amuse. Stories can enlighten and inform. But in the hands of Jesus, stories can turn lives upside down.

That’s what junior highers will discover as youth workers lead them through Upside Down. This video-based, conversation-driven series can be a powerful tool for turning students'’ worlds upside down--—and for helping them see that upside down is way better than right-side up.

Jesus’ parables were earthly stories with a heavenly meaning, and one reason they remain so powerful today is because of how Jesus surprised his audience--—and surprises us. We think we know the story'’s point and how things will resolve--—but then Jesus flips things upside down. It isn'’t what we expected.

The Volunteer's Back Pocket Guide to Sex
Was: $6.99
Now: $1.40
By Craig Gross & Cris Clapp Logan

Teenagers live in a sex-saturated world. And for many of them, sex has become a purely physical act, fully divorced from spirituality, love, and commitment. Sex, pornography, and "hooking up" are all met with the same response: "It's no big deal."

Too many of our students don't know where to turn to learn about sex, leaving many feeling confused, fearful, and alone. Teenagers who struggle with sexual addiction or unhealthy patterns don't know how to find freedom and healing from the choices they've made, and they're afraid the church will label them as perverts if they're open and honest about their deepest struggles.
Totally Infatuated
Was: $7.99
Now: $0.99
Jacqueline Pierre is a teenager who understands what it means to discover a fresh perspective on the Bible. Her life has been transformed through her obsession with God's Word. She's your guide for this journey through the pages of Scripture, as she reveals why she's totally infatuated with God's Word.
The Skinny - Bundle
Was: $34.99
Now: $14.00
Big things can come in small packages, right?
We think so, and that’s why we've created this series of small books about some of the biggest topics in youth ministry. We've trimmed away the excess and gotten right to the point of delivering more wisdom, insight, ideas, and live-it-out concepts than you'd expect in books this size!
Resurrection Cross
Was: $17.99
Now: $3.60
Package of 10

This high-quality burnished metal nail cross pendant is a meaningful and lasting keepsake for each person who travels down the Road to Resurrection. With JESUS IS ALIVE! embossed on one side, it will be treasured for years to come. (Need 1 per guest)

10 per Package

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Wire Cross Picture Holder
Was: $21.99
Now: $4.40
Families will love receiving this specially designed wire picture holder.

10 per package


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