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Provides an explanation of the Commitment to Purity milestone, a guide to Family Time Together, At-Home Celebration ideas, and more. You'll need one for the parents of each child.
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What are Family Faith Celebrations?
Family Faith Celebrations are a lifelong pathway for church and parents to partner in the spiritual development of children--from birth through high school. Together, your church and families celebrate the moments a child or teenager publicly marks his or her journey with God. Each Family Faith Celebration contains three important elements...

  • A Family Time Together training session -to help families draw close to each other--your church--and God.
  • An All-Church Celebration - that you can adapt or use as is.
  • An At-Home Celebration - a powerful, memorable time families can enjoy with friends and family in the intimacy of their homes.
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Milestone Memories Frames are special mementos for families. The frames hold each child's photo, blessing, and certificate. You can present these to families during the All-Church Celebration, hand them out afterward, or mail them. Parents will treasure these beautiful keepsakes for families to mark their child's journey of faith!
Package of 10
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By Group Publishing

With all the demands of youth ministry, you are certain to encounter times when you need a meaningful devotion but don't have a lot of time to prepare. With this book you will always be ready. Inside you will find 20 devotions on topics like faith and science, cheating, heaven, drugs & alcohol, truth and media choices.
Each 15-minute devotion is easy to use and rarely requires any special supplies. Whenever teenagers need to connect & reflect during a meaningful faith moment, you'll be ready. A must-have resource for every youth leader!
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It’s normal for children to wonder about the reality of God and heaven. But when they reach the age of 9, many kids start shying away from exploring their biggest questions with adults.

These four lessons, designed for children ages 9 to 12, take kids on an engaging, in-depth journey to help them understand that heaven is truly real—because they get to hear about it from a kid just like them who’s experienced it. Every session is conversation-oriented, allowing children to fully participate and—most importantly—to own their beliefs.
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Everyone will love these moody face stress balls! They're fun to play with and also helpful for de-stressing. Plus, they make great volunteer gifts, giveaways, birthdays, and more. Colors may vary.
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These light-up magic catch games are great for giveaways, birthdays, and more! Each set comes with 2 paddles and 1 suction cup ball. The more you get, the more people can play! Colors may vary.
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By Jake and Melissa Kircher

Ministry is such a rewarding experience, but why does it create so much strain on marriages?

Jake and Melissa Kircher have learned some valuable lessons (often the hard way!) about building a healthy marriage amid the demands of ministry. They aren't perfect, but they've matured individually and as a couple because of each mess, problem, heartache, and obstacle they've encountered. They understand your struggles and frustrations, because they're their struggles and frustrations, too.

99 Thoughts on Marriage & Ministry will help you discover advice, wisdom, and insight in five core areas.
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Few teenagers think of slavery as a modern-day issue. It's something they read about in history books-a painful, troubling chapter from the past. Unfortunately, slavery remains a 21st century reality in the form of sex trafficking. Around our world, people are bought and sold as if they were commodities.

Baht is a documentary that exposes this issue through the real-life story of Sophea. She's a young Cambodian woman fighting to rebuild her life after being deceived by someone she trusted and forced into prostitution. This documentary was made with the goal of informing people and spurring them to fight injustices-in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, as well as in their own communities.
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By Katie Brazelton

Having conversations with teenagers is a challenge. Having meaningful conversations with teenagers can feel impossible at times!

Drawing on her experience as a mom, ministry founder, and Life Purpose Coach®, Dr. Katie Brazelton offers insights and wisdom in How Your Teenager is Wired on understanding how teenagers are wonderfully and uniquely created-and how to transform that understanding into dynamic conversations about who they are, how God wired them, and where their lives are headed.
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By Brian Berry

Is criticism inevitable in life?

Maybe you've asked that question because you're tired of the relentless, nagging voice in your head saying you should quit, or you're inadequate, or your shortcomings are what people will remember most about you. Perhaps you're simply discouraged, frustrated, burned out, or isolated because of the criticism you've endured.

This book is for you.
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