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Friends of God Session DVDs
Prepare to disciple the way Jesus did…through friendship.

Get ready to lead people into an intimate relationship with Jesus following the natural steps of friendship.

These session videos provide everything you need to guide rich conversation and spiritual discovery and include leader insights and tips that will help you create a welcoming, exciting, life-transforming environment.
R.E.A.L.:  Surprisingly Simple Ways to Engage Adults
How do you know what you'’re doing is working?
Do people remember what they learned last week? Last month? Are they talking about it long after your time together? Are they putting it into practice? R.E.A.L. is designed to meet people where they are in their connection with Jesus--—and take them to the next level.
Unheard Of: One Man's Journey to the Middle of a Miracle (DVD)
His flood of heartache transformed into a tsunami of hope.

Betrayed, depressed, and newly divorced, Dennis Drake joined the Peace Corps to teach deaf children. He was looking for a fresh start in a tropical paradise. What he found was something much greater.

Unheard Of  is Dennis’ modern-day parable of finding lifelong purpose—one that will inspire you to find yours.
Group's Emergency Response Handbooklet: Depression (download)
Depression is real. And whether it's brought on by a job loss, a family history of depression, a bad breakup, or just plain negative thinking--your friend-in-need requires your support more than ever. Inside you'll find powerful ways to share God's love and comfort with hurting friends.
Group's Emergency Response Handbooklet: Divorce (download)
Divorce is one of the most vulnerable experiences a person can have. And it's no wonder--it brings all-new challenges, transitions, and complications. Inside you'll find powerful ways to share God's love and comfort with a hurting friend.
Group's Emergency Response Handbooklet: Financial Crisis (download)
Financial stability is an immediate need for many struggling single adults and families. How can you guide a friend who's down? Inside you'll find powerful ways to share God's love and comfort.

Group's Emergency Response Handbooklet: Rebellious Child (download)
Dealing with rebellious children can squelch a parent's enthusiasm, patience, and self-worth. How can you help struggling parents? Inside you'll find powerful ways to share God's love and comfort.
Lead the Way God Made You (pdf download)
God put YOU in a position of leadership in children's ministry for a purpose. This practical guide helps you discover your personal leadership style so you can maximize your strengths. As you and your ministry team take the reproducible self-assessment test included, you'll discover how to make your team more productive...more effective...and more fun! Feel more comfortable and confident in your leadership role, and make a lasting difference with your colleagues, volunteers, and parents.
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