Shepherd's Watch | Your Safe and Secure Ministry

You're wired to protect. Here's how to do it in church...

Call it gut instinct or a sixth sense—you're naturally alert to threats. And you want to use this skill to keep your church safe.

But security at church has unique challenges, including large gatherings, the presence of children, and managing a volunteer team with varied security experience. What's the best path forward?

Introducing the Safe and Secure Church training kit—the first approach to church security that tailors security best practices for a ministry setting.

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Created by experts in security and law enforcement, in partnership with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, the Safe and Secure Church kit includes:

  • A comprehensive risk assessment to identify and prepare for a full spectrum of threats
  • Tactical communication skills-training to de-escalate dangerous situations
  • Guided steps for building policies around use of force in a security context
  • Role-playing drills to sharpen your team's response skills