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Treasured Preschool Student Pack

This 10-kid pack includes essential resources you need to create a great experience for your littlest learners, no matter which VBS trek you’re on. Whether you’re going online or able to meet face-to-face, this pack makes it easy to provide preschoolers with age-appropriate resources at a price that won’t send your budget off trail!

  • Bible Memory Buddies (pkg incudes 10 sets of Buddies, enough for 10 kids)
  • Treasure Box (pkg of 10)
  • Pogo Climber (pkg of 10)
  • Buddy Treasure Hunt Game (pkg of 10)
  • Kinkajou Cove Bible Pack (Student Book) - (50 sheets, enough for 10 kids)
  • Alarminator (pkg of 10)
  • Twirlygig (pkg of 10)
Kinkajou Cove Preschool Bible Pack
Package of 50 Sheets plus 50 Stickers

Introduce preschoolers to each day’s Bible story in an engaging, multisensory way during Exploration Stations. This 17 in x. 22 in resource includes:

  • An interactive Bible activity
  • A mini-version Bible Story poster
  • A daily update for parents
  • Daily Bible Point puffy stickers featuring Chewie the Kinkajou)

Treasured Pogo Climber
Package of 10

Preschoolers leap into fun with interactive Pogo Climbers. Each Pogo Climber kit comes with a 5-in card stock Pogo frog, a 36-in string, and two plastic tubes. After decorating their frogs, they’ll help these tiny critters “climb” up the strings. It’s a great reminder that you’re never too small to be noticed by God.

Treasure Box
Package of 10

Bring on the bling on Day 2! Preschoolers add their own colorful spin to these 5 in. x 4.5 in. x 3 in. card stock treasure boxes and create a cache for all their priceless gems. It’s a visual example for preschoolers that they are God’s beloved treasures.

Buddy Treasure Hunt Game
Package of 10

Eyes on the prize! During Day 5 Craft & Play, preschoolers create their own unique Treasure Hunt Game. Each game will be different, just like every one of us. What a fun way to show preschoolers that God has chosen a unique path just for them!

Paperboard Tubes
Package of 10
These versatile, sturdy, roll-up tubes are a staple in Little Kids Depot.
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