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Treasured Gems
Package of 25, enough for 5 Crews

Celebrate God Sightings every day with vibrant Treasured Gems. Beginning on Day 2 of Closing Quest, each Crew will add one of these colorful, 1-in. gems to the Treasured set. It’s a great way to shine a light on all the things God is doing around us! Assorted shapes and colors. One package is enough for 5 Crews for the week.

Treasured Watch for God Wristband
Package of 10

On Day 1 in KidVid Cinema, kids each receive a cool Watch for God Wristband that they’ll wear all week. Made of child-safe silicone, these ruby red bands are imprinted with the reminder to kids to keep their eyes open for things that God is doing all around them! Ages 3+.

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