Imagination Station

Hands-on discoveries bring the Bible to life

A definite kid-favorite at Roar VBS, each gizmo is designed exclusively for you and connects directly to the day's Bible Point. We promise, no gizmo will be left behind!

Tumble Drum

Show kids God’s goodness through life’s ups & downs.

Amaze kids at VBS with the topsy-turvy gizmo that goes in all different directions, kind of like life!

Price per kid 79 cents | $7.99 per pack of 10

Hungry Hoopoe

Remind kids of God’s comforting goodness.

Kids flip for these high-flying gizmos and see how God is good even when they’re scared!

Price per kid 89 cents | $8.99 per pack of 10

Presto Chango

Help kids experience God’s goodness through change.

These flip-flopping gizmos surprise kids and remind them that even when life changes…God is good!

Price per kid 89 cents | $8.99 per pack of 10


Demonstrate how God’s goodness can turn sadness around.

Spin up some fun and show how even when life is dreary, God can turn it into something good!

Price per kid 99 cents | $9.99 per pack of 10

Disappearing Dipper

Open kids eyes to God’s constant goodness.

Vanishing gizmo cards reveal God is always with us…we just have to look!

Price per kid 89 cents | $8.99 per pack of 10

Wow kids with Imagination Station

Sciency-fun gizmos keep the faith-building fun going at home!

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