Bible Memory Buddies

All-New and Designed by YOU!

Bible Memory Buddies are a kid-favorite and one of the best ways to get Scripture from VBS into the home. These multifunctional Buddies equip kids to share and engage in their faith like never before.

Buddy Design

Each plastic play piece features:

  1. A Roar VBS Buddy on the front.
  2. The daily Bible Point and verse on the back.
  3. A stand so kids can showcase their Buddies and use them with the Roar Some More Bible Book.
  4. Die-cut holes so kids can carry them around on Roar Carabiners.

Plus, all-new packaging separates Buddies by day for easier distribution. One package contains enough sets for 10 kids! Ages 3+.

Price per kid $1.99 - $2.39 | $19.90 - 23.90 per pack of 10
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Bible Memory Buddies are affordable

As low as $1.99/set per kid for

Bible Memory Buddies are durable

Made for long-lasting

Bible Memory Buddies are sortable

Packaged by day for easy

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Roar Bible Memory Buddies Board Game and Book

Use with the board game
in the Roar Some More Bible Book

Roar Bible Memory Buddies on Carabiner

The history of Bible Memory Buddies

Discover the impact that Bible Memory Buddies can have with your kids!

VBS Buddies through the years

Buddy App

Bring the Buddies to life with the FREE App

Take the Roar Bible Buddies on new adventures! Kids use Roar Bible Memory Buddies to trigger a fun gaming experience that continues Bible learning at home!

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