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Kids add these 5 faith-building tags to cool Maker Fun Factory Carabiners—and take God's Word wherever they go! Each custom-designed tag includes a Buddy on the front and a VBS Bible verse on the back. Bible Memory Buddies empower kids to share Scriptures with their friends. Order one set of 5 for every child.  Ages 3+.
Imprinted with "Wow, God!" these sturdy carabiners make it easy for kids to take their Bible Memory Buddies anywhere. Carabiners include an added metal ring to hold all 5 Buddies.
These 3 ½ in. x 2 ½ in. die cut cards are not your average student book. Elementary kids will really learn to “build” their faith after VBS is over with this amazing take-home set of 20 interconnecting cards. With thought-provoking questions on one side and faith-building reflections and Bible verses on the other―these cards really connect families and faith.
Introduce preschoolers to each day's Bible story in an engaging, multi-sensory way—and give parents an easy way to explore what their children learned at Tinker Tots Preschool.
Name Badges make it easy for leaders to call every child by name. Plus daily "jobs" are printed on the back, which kids love to do!
These colorful name badge holders are perfect for holding name badges and include a child-safe breakaway clasp. Ages 3+.

Preschoolers celebrate all the unique ways God made them by creating a "Paper Person" in Craft & Play on Day 1. It's like their own little self-portrait! Each package includes 24 die-cut Paper People. You'll want one Paper Person per preschooler.

These multi-size stars glow in the dark and are used in Bible Adventures on Day 1. Preschoolers will love this multisensory experience of how God created the world. One package supplies two preschool Crews.

Able to hold all 5 Bible Memory Buddies at once, these kid-friendly metal chains include a breakaway clasp to keep children safe.

These versatile, sturdy roll-up tubes will come in handy on Day 2 of Maker Fun Factory. Preschoolers build towers like Tina Termite during Exploration Stations, then create Maker-Phones in Craft & Play. Order enough for each preschooler to take one home, plus extras for Exploration Stations!

These versatile, sturdy roll-up tubes will come in handy on Day 1 of Preschool Craft & Play in your Camp Out VBS. Preschoolers will create Fingerprint Flashlights to remind them that Jesus is the light. Order enough for each preschooler to have one.
Unleash your maker creativity with these 2 in. x 2 in. VBS stampers! They’re great for encouragement cards, church stationery, flyers, and more. Every set includes 5 stampers—one that features each Bible Memory Buddy. Can be used with the colorful Stamp Pads found on the order form! Ages 3+.
These 8 . in. x 11 in. sheets of paper are the perfect canvas for preschoolers to plan their own cool creations. Preschoolers create fun blueprint designs on Day 5 of Craft & Play and are reminded that God has great plans for them. You’ll want one sheet of Blueprint Paper per preschooler.
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