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A guide to your first steps

Living Inside Out Quick-Start Guide

The Living Inside Out Quick-Start Guide is designed to help new Living Inside Out users jump right into leading easy and effective children's church. You may continue reading online below or download your printable PDF version. As always, if you have any questions please scroll down this page to find our Customer Care Team contact info. Enjoy!

For Directors

Step One

Your quarterly kit is divided into three modules.
Each module has a unique Bible topic and fun theme. You can go through the modules in any order.

Step Two

Inside each module
You’ll find a large-group leader guide and three small-group leader guides (preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary). These guides are also on the CD-ROM for easy reproducibility. Give each volunteer a copy of his or her guide for preparation.

Step Three

Make copies
Make a copy of the fun take-home page for each child. Each small-group age level has its own take-home page.

Step Four

Order Bible Memory Makers
Purchase enough Bible Memory Makers so that you have one per child.

Step Five

Gather supplies
Gather supplies for the large group and for each small group. Make sure you consult with the large-group leader to find out which activities he or she selected. The supply list for both large-group and small- group activities can be found on the first page of your lesson in the large-group leader guide.

Step Six

Prepare audio-visual equipment
For the Praise & Worship time, you can decide whether to use music videos on the DVD or use a presentation software such as PowerPoint to display the lyrics as you play the song from the CD. Presentations are available on the CD-ROM. You can also choose between the DVD or CD option for the discussion questions.

Step Seven

Prepare the large-group room for your program

As children arrive, they’ll join their small-group leaders to talk about their week and wait for the program to begin.

The countdown video will help everyone get started on time.

Large-group time may be 25-55 minutes, depending how many activities you use. Small-group time may be 20-30 minutes.

For Volunteers

Large-group leaders, you have choices!

After welcoming the kids, you can present Bible truths through five easy-to-prepare large-group options. Turn to the first page of your large-group leader guide to read the “Can-Do” instructions, and decide which activities will work best for your group. Depending on your timeframe, you may just pick a couple of activities, or you may do all five. Be sure to include the option with the Bible icon—this is where kids learn the Bible passage through a skit, video, or engaging activity.

Small-group leaders

You’ll reinforce the Bible truths taught in large-group time by following your easy-to-prepare small- group guide in age-specific groups. You’ll also use the Bible Memory Makers to help kids dig into the Memory Verse so that kids understand what it means in their lives.

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