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A guide to your first steps

Hands-On Worship Quick-Start Guide

The Hands-On Worship Quick-Start Guide is designed to help new Hands-On Worship users jump right into leading easy and effective Sunday school lessons. You may continue reading online below or download your printable PDF version. As always, if you have any questions please scroll down this page to find our Customer Care Team contact info. Enjoy!

Step One

Sit, relax, and grab a favorite snack or drink. Open the Leader Guide and read the table of contents to discover the topics you will teach this quarter. The Introduction to Hands-On Worship on the following pages explains the key features of your Hands-On Worship curriculum.

Step Two

Prepare your heart with the leader’s devotion which is called the Bible Basis. This is found on the first page of your lesson.

  • Pray for the upcoming session and the kids who will be there.
  • While you are on the Bible Basis page, notice the Bible Point. It’s called out many times within each lesson to imprint that truth on the participants’ hearts. Each activity within the lesson will refer to the Bible Point so that it sticks. The lesson will guide you in leading the kids in a fun cheer each time you say the point.
  • Also notice the Bible verse. Each lesson includes easy motions to help participants learn and understand the Bible verse for that week.

Step Three

Learn about your preparation needs by reading the “Easy Prep” section on the second page of your lesson.

  • The supplies are listed in the “You’ll Need” column, including the supplies that are needed for the Bonus Idea found at the end of the lesson, if you choose to use it. These supplies will help learners of all kinds within your group grow closer to Jesus. Gather all the supplies listed for the activities you’re choosing to do.
  • Make photocopies of any “okay to copy” pages found at the end of the lesson.
  • Pay close attention to the “Create the environment” section of the preparation page. This will explain all the preparation specific to this lesson. If there is no “Create the environment” section, you’re all set!

Step Four

Prepare to teach your lesson.

  • Read through the lesson. Every lesson has three sections: Sing & Play, Bible Experience, and Prayer Place. Everything the leader says is in bold type and is easy to see at a glance.
  • You’ll find the CD/DVD icon throughout the lesson. When you come to those points, you can play either the CD or DVD—both share the same track numbers.
  • We encourage you to use the DVD if possible. The on-screen lyrics and kid-led motions create an easy but oh-so-memorable worship experience!

Step Five

Use the activities and the creative insights God has given you to minister to the kids. Look for teachable moments that you can use to encourage kids or ask follow-up questions. Keep your antennae up for those moments when God is at work. Those are your “God Sightings”! You’ll ask kids to share their own God Sightings as well every week in the Sing & Play section.

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