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FaithWeaver Friends Fruit of the Spirit Keys - Peace - Winter
Package of 5
A new Fruit of the Spirit Key will be introduced each quarter. Buy extra keys for children to give away to others who demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit. These exciting, collectable tokens are a "key" component of a successful FW Friends program. These unique keys serve as unforgettable celebrations and reminders of spiritual growth, service and participation--for both students and leaders. Make sure you have extra keys on hand to let your Friends share them with others!

Package of 5.

Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
FaithWeaver Friends Leader Guide - Winter
Leader Guides provide all small group leaders with background about the Bible Point as well as questions they can use in each Discovery Center to help kids apply the Bible Point to their daily lives.
One is included in each Elementary and Preschool Kit.
FaithWeaver Friends Director Quarterly Update - Winter
Director Quarterly Update equips you to keep your Friends program running smoothly.
  • Specific quarterly help and activity overviews.
  • Training.
  • Service project information.
  • Evangelism opportunities.
  • Comprehensive supply lists to aid planning.
  • Reproducible journal page for visitors to help cement their faith growth.
FaithWeaver Friends Snack-It Cafe Leader Guide - Winter
As the Snack-It Café leader, you'll help kids make snacks to share with their friends--snacks that reinforce the day's Bible Point! Your FaithWeaver Friends® director will give you details about how many groups of kids you'll see and when they'll rotate through your Discovery Center. Our easy-to-follow See-It Do-It™ look makes being a Snack-It Cafe leader a joy rather than a stress. Each activity takes no more than four steps, and kids create their own treats!
FaithWeaver Friends Elementary Quarterly Kit - Winter
FaithWeaver Friends® is where kids experience God’s love through friendships. FaithWeaver Friends helps kids deepen their relationships with God, one another, and those who need a helping hand. Through prayer, praise, and journaling, kids deepen their friendship with God. By rotating through activity centers in small groups, kids grow in friendship with one another. And through community service projects, kids learn the blessing of being a friend to those in need.
FaithWeaver Friends Elementary Student Book - Winter
In their very own My Faith Journal, elementary students have the chance to write or draw, in a risk-free way, what they think about the Bible lessons as it applies to their life.
FaithWeaver Friends Games Leader Guide - Winter
Your Games Discovery Center is vitally important. Games connect with kids right where they live: by engaging them in play. Because FaithWeaver Friends games are cooperative and reinforce the Bible Point, your children will grow spiritually as they play. They'll bond with their leaders. And they'll make friendships that can last a lifetime.
FaithWeaver Friends Music & Memory Leader Guide - Winter
At Music & Memory, you'll help children praise God and hide God's Word in their hearts. Some weeks children will sing songs that focus on the week's Bible Point, and other weeks children will learn Bible verses using a variety of learning "intelligences." We've adapted the eight basic "learning intelligences" described by Harvard professor Howard Gardner to make Bible memory easier for kids. Some weeks Bible memory takes place through music; other weeks it happens through activities. Either way, not only will your kids memorize God's Word--they'll also understand it.
FaithWeaver Friends Opening & Closing Celebrations Leader Guide - Winter
Includes scripts for the Instant Bible Drama, as well as information for each opening (with Wacky Holidays) and brief closing celebration.
FaithWeaver Friends Projects-With-a-Purpose Leader Guide - Winter
At the Projects-With-a-Purpose® Discovery Center, you’ll delight kids week after week as they create projects they’re proud to carry home! Projects are always creative, never boring, and different each week. That makes it fun for your kids. And because projects are easy to pull off, they’re fun for you, too!
FaithWeaver Friends Surprise Station Leader Guide - Winter
At the Surprise Station, you'll delight kids with a new surprise each week! That makes it fun for kids. But it's never difficult for you to pull off--and that may be the best surprise of all!
FaithWeaver Friends Elementary Drama, Sound Effects & Songs CD - Winter
This Elementary Drama, Sound Effects & Songs CD includes sing-along music and special drama effects for a quarter's worth of sessions.
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