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FaithWeaver Friends Sunday school curriculum will be discontinued following the release of the Spring 2021 quarter. For more details, CLICK HERE

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A guide to your first steps

FaithWeaver Friends Quick-Start Guide

The FaithWeaver Friends Quick-Start Guide is designed to help new FaithWeaver Friends users jump right into leading easy and effective Sunday school lessons. You may continue reading online below or download your printable PDF version. As always, if you have any questions please scroll down this page to find our Customer Care Team contact info. Enjoy!

Step One

Sit, relax, and grab a favorite snack or drink. Open the Director Quarterly Update book and read the “Bible Overview” to discover the topics you’ll teach this quarter. Also refer to the “Congratulations! You’re a Leader at FaithWeaver Friends” page at the beginning of the Leader Guide for a visual of how FaithWeaver Friends will flow for both elementary and preschool ages. Each leader guide has a wonderful introduction to give insights into the different areas of leadership within FaithWeaver Friends.

Step Two

Take time to pray for the upcoming session and the kids that will be there.

Step Three

Determine which Discovery Centers you’ll have, and who will lead each one. The Elementary Discovery Center options are: Snack-It Café, Music & Memory, Projects-With-a-Purpose®, Games, and Surprise Station. The Preschool Discovery Center options are: Play-It, Make-It, Learn-It, and Snack-It Café. You’ll also need someone to prepare for the opening gathering—where everyone is together before the stations—and the closing celebration. Preschoolers will need two people for their gathering time: someone to lead the storytelling segment and someone to act as a pupeteer.

Step Four

Please have each Discovery Center leader:

  • Notice the Bible Story/Scripture, Key Verse, and Bible Point on the back cover of each guide. The Bible Point is called out many times during the week’s lesson to imprint that truth on the children’s hearts. Each activity highlights the Bible Point as kids learn the Scripture and Key Verse in engaging ways.
  • Gather the supplies needed for the stations you chose. The supplies are listed at the beginning of each Discovery Center guide. A complete supply list for the quarter is included in the Director Quarterly Update. These supplies will help the visual, kinesthetic, and other types of learners in your group grow closer to Jesus.
  • Note that everything he or she says is in bold type and easy to see at a glance.

Step Five

Use the activities you prepared and the creative insights God gave you to minister to your children. Look for teachable moments that you can use to encourage kids or ask follow-up questions. Keep your antenna up for “God Sightings”—moments when God is at work.

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