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See kids’ hearts transformed.

Even the Pharisees could spout bible verses…even Satan knew scripture but it wasn’t in his HEART. Deep Bible learning goes further than facts and figures, it’s about a real relationship with Jesus!

  • Take kids through the Bible in a way that goes BEYOND just head information.
  • Allow kids to grapple, discover, and dive deep into what scripture has to say for their own lives.
  • Anchor kids in a lasting and transformative faith.

This is the philosophy of DIG IN, a digital "lesson builder" Sunday school curriculum. Rest assured Bible points will go deep, no matter how your kids learn best. Every lesson includes a Core Bible Discovery – An immersive, “you are there” way for kids to experience the Bible story – as well as a Deeper Bible option – an age-appropriate grappling question that drives Bible learning to a whole new level.

Check out the Sunday school curriculum that adapts to your unique ministry and creates deeper bible experiences for kids.

Take DIG IN for a test drive.

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