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Group’s NEW Sunday school curriculum

Ideal for larger ministries!

Chip the Groundhog

Lesson depth that will transform kids, plus a state-of-the-art, interactive online lesson builder.

  • Expandable! Create an unlimited number of classrooms...spanning multiple services and campuses.
  • Affordable! The larger your ministry, the lower your cost per student.
  • Customizable! Get great content, plus have the ability to modify to fit your unique ministry!
  • Use teachers’ natural gifts! Quickly and easily craft lessons around the natural strengths and preferences of teachers to ensure maximum effectiveness...and that teachers will keep volunteering.
  • Fits your timeframe! Build lessons to your precise classroom times.
  • Choose your format! Build lessons for age-graded, one-room, and large-group/small-group classroom formats.
  • Choose who edits lessons! Lesson builder allows you to decide whether teachers or CE Directors can create and/or edit lessons.
  • Electronic content! Ability to access lesson electronically, making teacher substitutions easier.
  • Yes, there’s an Easy Button! Ability to apply activity blocks consistently across lessons if desired. Build one lesson, and apply to all.
  • Presentation time! Downloadable media files for use with presentation software.
  • And the most important! Transform kids spiritually. Watch as your kids grow in their relationship with Jesus!
Building a Strong Sunday School Foundation

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How To Guide: Building A Strong Sunday School Foundation

Building a Strong Sunday School Foundation

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