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Buzz Grades 5&6 Whozit? Kit - Winter 2020-21

Buzz Grades 5 & 6 Whozit? Kit includes one Bible Buzz Card booklet (your guide for each lesson), two Leader Devotions booklets, music CD, and a variety of interactive teaching tools to lead fun and engaging lessons. Each kit includes all the activities, tools, music, and lesson components you'll need for 13 weeks. In addition, you’ll receive online access to digital copies of the Leader Devotions, lesson directions, and Bible Buzz Cards in PDF format.

Plus, each kit includes Grades 5 & 6 Faith Buzz at Home cards (enough for 10 kids) that bring fun and learning home by equipping families with easy experiences that help reinforce what their fifth and sixth graders learned at Sunday school. These are also sold separately if you have more than 10 kids.

This quarter, fifth and sixth graders will explore various Bible passages to illustrate the names of God and Jesus . Kids will learn Jesus Is Our Savior, God Is the Great “I AM,” and God Is Our Father, plus so many more! Through these lessons, kids will discover that God is all that they’ll ever need.

Buzz Grades 5&6 Whozit? Leader Devotions - Winter 2020-21
The Buzz Grades 5&6 Whozit? Leader Devotions booklet contains 13 devotions that help leaders prepare each week. Every devotion includes insights into the Bible background, what it means, and why it matters. Plus, weekly prayer starters give leaders some direction to pray for the kids they’ll be teaching, and a God Sightings® sections provide a weekly reflection specially crafted just for preparing the leader’s heart.
Buzz Grades 5&6 Whozit? CD - Winter 2020-21
Need extra copies of the Whozit? Music CD? Having extras comes in handy when planning for additional programming times. They also make great gifts for kids at the end of the quarter to remind them of what they learned. Each CD is masterfully crafted with music, sound effects, and audio dramas.
Grades 5&6 Faith Buzz at Home Card Pack - Winter
Printed double-sided on card stock. 1 sheet of 10 cards for each of the 13 weeks. Total of 13 sheets of cards.
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