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Buzz Value Set - Spring
Kits included in Value Set:
In the To the Rescue! kit, preschoolers explore how God provided for and protected people in the Bible. They'll learn about all the ways Jesus provided, plus how God gave Nehemiah just what he needed to build the wall. As they unpack these exciting stories, kids will discover that God is always ready to come to their rescue.

In the Flip Flops kit, your pre-K and K kids will walk with Jesus through his life on earth to discover many of the ways he showed his power, such as healing lepers, glowing on a mountain, and even rising from the dead! Best of all, they'll learn to walk with Jesus each day of their lives.

In the Clash kit, first-and second-graders will dive into God's Word to discover that they can turn to God in the midst of conflict. They'll stand up to Goliath the tough guy, follow God's guidance to outwit Herod the tyrant, tell about Jesus even when faced by mobs of stone throwers, and pray for the courage to follow Jesus no matter what.

In the Tempest kit, third-and fourth-graders will encounter astonishing and powerful weather in the Bible, such as the sun and the moon standing still, Elijah calling fire from heaven, and an unexpected earthquake when Jesus came back to life. The forecast? These spectacular Bible stories will get kids more excited than ever about the Bible!

In the Perplexity kit, fifth-and sixth-graders will investigate God's Word and ponder difficult sayings and parables of Jesus. They'll dig into the Bible and discuss what Jesus meant when he told people to gouge out their eyes if they cause them to sin and to be happy when people make fun of you. With these and other confusing statements Jesus made, kids will be challenged to really think about what faith means.
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