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Buzz Sunday school curriculum will be discontinued following the release of the Spring 2021 quarter. For more details, CLICK HERE

Buzz - The Instant Sunday School
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The instant Sunday school
If it's in the lesson, it's in the box!


Easy for volunteers—great for kids!

What if you could literally open the box and start your lesson?
Buzz makes Sunday school sweet & simple. Preparation is simple—if it's in the lesson, it's in the box! With Buzz, all you prepare is your heart. Read the Bible background. Enjoy a weekly devotion. Pray for your kids. You’re ready! Preparing to teach Buzz is stress–free and meaningful.

Easy to recruit & keep volunteers

You'll find it easier to recruit and retain volunteers because they don't need to spend time gathering supplies or prepping for the lesson. They just open the box and go! The only thing your volunteers need to do each week is to prepare their hearts.

Kids connect with every lesson

Kids learn in different ways. Every lesson with Buzz provides a unique learning experience using 4-5 of the 8 multiple intelligences. Kids will understand and remember the lesson topics better because they will be engaged in experiences in which they feel gifted.

Kids stay fully engaged & learn more

With Buzz, each lesson is intentionally designed to allow kids to choose which direction the lesson goes. Kids are fully engaged because they are choosing what they are learning, and how they are learning it.

Customer Testimonial

“I love that it is all prepared for you, so if we have a teacher that gets sick and can't teach, anyone can just step right in and teach the class.”
Joy from Menifee, CA

Bible Content

Teach kids uncommon Bible stories

Buzz Sunday school is designed to work best in churches that divide kids into age-graded classrooms with 10 or less kids per class. Each grade level (preschool through 6th) has a unique theme every quarter that teaches a mix of classic and uncommon Bible stories that kids haven't heard before–which impacts their faith and changes their lives.

5 Age Levels:
Preschool, Pre-K&K, Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6

Scope and Sequence:
2 years

Classroom setting

45–60 minutes

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Overview Video

See how Buzz makes things easy for your volunteers

How It Works

Buzz reinvents Sunday school

With Buzz, you'll reinvent the Sunday school experience at your church! Using unique game-like activities, lessons are packed with fun, surprise, and kid participation. Kids even get to choose what activity comes next as the lesson unfolds, and they never get bored because they never quite know what’s coming next.

Here's how
a typical lesson looks:

The step-by-step flow of a Buzz Sunday School session: #1 Buzz Bond: This relationship-building time helps your leaders and kids get to know one another. (5-10 min) #2 God Sightings: Kids learn how to see God in everyday circumstances throughout their week. (up to 5 min) #3 Bible Buzz: What makes Buzz so special is the unique way Bible activities lead children deeply into God’s Word. Every activity leads to one point for the week. (25-30 min) #4 Buzz in Action: The Point doesn’t stay at church. Kid’s learn to live out God’s Word personally by applying what they learn in the coming week. (5-10 min) #5 Let’s Pray: Buzz takes prayer to a new level. Buzz teaches kids how to pray with age-appropriate prayer starters. (5-10 min) #6 Faith Buzz at Home: Faith Buzz at Home helps parents and kids keep faith conversations going all week long!

Get kids buzzing about God!


The Buzz difference

Buzz Sunday school is totally different from anything you've tried before. Teaching is as easy as playing a game, so even new volunteers or last-minute substitutes can lead an effective Bible lesson.

Here are a few more reasons
you'll love Buzz:

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Everything's In The Box

With Buzz, there are no student books or additional purchases for students required. There's no need to run errands looking for supplies or props because everything you need to teach a lesson is in the box!

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No Teacher Guides

Buzz uses a game-like Quick Start Guide instead of a bulky teacher guide. Teachers and volunteers feel like a success every week because they don't have to worry about lesson prep, and the simple instructions enable them to walk through the lesson easily.

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Leader Devotions

The Buzz Leader Devotions helps your volunteers prepare their hearts each week. Instead of looking for supplies, leaders develop their passion for ministry where they can concentrate on the meaning of every lesson and pray for their students.

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Smart Learning

Buzz uses Smart Learning for each and every lesson. Kids remember the Bible lesson because Smart helps them to learn and understand the Bible in the ways that they learn best.

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Uncommon Bible Stories

Buzz incorporates lesser-known passages from the Bible using fun and memorable themes. You'll expose kids to more of God's Word in ways they won't forget.

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Faith Buzz at Home

Faith Buzz at Home brings the fun and learning from Sunday school home. Parents help build faith at home because they are equipped to reinforce what kids learn every week, long after the Sunday school lesson has ended.

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Digital copies of Leader Devotions make it even easier for teachers to prepare their hearts

Give teachers and volunteers direct access to the Bible Background to help them feel prepared for the weekly lesson topic. Plus, they get a God Sightings® weekly reflection activity and prayer starters so they can prepare their hearts for ministry.

View lessons on your phone or tablet.

You get free access to downloadable content with the purchase of your quarterly kit.

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Bring kids closer to
Jesus through songs
of praise and worship

Kids love to sing along with the great music you’ll find in Buzz Sunday School.

Here are some examples of
the music you'll find inside:

CD Cover

Sample Music

Each Buzz kit includes an audio CD with a selection of age-appropriate music tracks that reinforce the lesson’s Bible point. Key Verse Songs help kids hide God’s Word in their hearts by combining Bible passages with memorable tunes kids can’t stop singing.

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Choosing Buzz is Easy!

Solve your volunteer problems by choosing an easy & dynamic Sunday school curriculum that requires zero teacher prep, keeps kids engaged–and more importantly–helps kids
grow in their relationship with Jesus!

product boxes for Buzz Conquest, Royal Ball, Eenie Meenie, Amigos, and Skirmish

Everything you need
starting at $112.49*

Your Buzz classroom kit includes everything+ you need to lead a fun and engaging lesson. Simply buy one kit for each of your age-graded classrooms. Each kit includes all the activities, gizmos, music and lesson components you'll need for 13 lessons. Two leader devotions are also included. Additional leader devotions and music CDs are also available for purchase.
*Price listed in U.S. Dollars
+Only basic classroom supplies (paper, crayons, scissors, etc.) needed.

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