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Rise Up With Jesus: Publicity Posters
Package of 5
Spread the word about your Easter outreach event with these attention-grabbing posters. Display anywhere families gather in your church and neighborhood. A great way to invite the community to experience your church!
Rise Up With Jesus: Hot Air Balloon Hanging Decoration
It's quick and easy to add pizzazz to your décor with these bright, vibrant hanging paper balloons. Simply open up and attach to the ceiling to make your skyline complete.
Rise Up With Jesus: Giant Decorating Posters
Set of 3
These large, colorful posters combine together to create a hot air balloon backdrop for your photo booth area. It also includes extra balloons and logos that you can cut out and place on Sky with Clouds Plastic Backdrop. 3 ft. x 5 ft.
Rise Up With Jesus: Station Posters
Set of 9
These large, eye-catching posters help guide guests around the engaging stations at your event. Each poster measures 34 in. x 22 in.
Meadow Plastic Backdrop
1 per Package, 30' x 4'

Create a rolling meadow scene easily with this extra-large, plastic backdrop. Combine with sky backdrop for added height and interest.

1 per Package, 30' x 4'

Cobblestone Corobuff Background
2 per Package, 25' x 2'
Help kids and families journey back in time as they explore the Tomb in search of Jesus. It's easy with this sturdy, realistic-looking stone background!
Tissue Paper Grass Mat
Package of 2
This tissue grass is a colorful way to add an instant bit of whimsy to your event.
Woven Reed Plastic Backdrop
Complete your Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth by covering a cardboard box with this Woven Reed Plastic Backdrop. Kids and families will feel like they're stepping into a real Hot Air Balloon! 30 ft. x 4 ft.
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