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One Starry Night Decorating Posters Pack
Set of 5
Kids and families will feel like they're entering Bethlehem when they walk through the impressive City Gate! Combine these five 3 ft. x 5 ft. giant posters to create an entrance that sets the scene for your entire event! Includes a One Starry Night Logo.
One Starry Night Starter Kit
This Christmas, invite the whole family to experience the night Jesus was born.

One Starry Night is a fun, easy-to-plan outreach event for the whole family. You'll amaze kids and grown-ups alike as, together, they experience the sights and sounds of Bethlehem.
One Starry Night Publicity Posters
Package of 5
Spread the word about your event with these attention-grabbing posters. Place them anywhere families gather in your church and neighborhood.
One Starry Night Station Posters Pack
Set of 10
These large, eye-catching posters help guide kids and families to the fun, faith-filled Stations at One Starry Night.
One Starry Night Additional Director Guide
This handy guide has everything you need to plan your One Starry Night event. (One included in Starter Kit.)
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