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Cafe Chocolat Media Pack
The Café Chocolat Media Pack includes essential tools for preparing and leading your chocolate-themed retreat! The DVD provides complete video training for volunteers, plus professionally produced retreat commercials and a valuable visual preview of the entire retreat experience so you and your leaders know what to expect.
God's Grace Bracelet
This delicate bracelet is custom-debossed with the word "Grace" and "Eph 1:6". Charm is made of zinc alloy.
Warm and Cozy Wrap Kit
This cozy wrap kit is great for crafts and makes an adorable gift, too! Fabric is precut and ready to be made.
Your Grace is Enough Bible Cover
This exclusive Bible cover is perfect for carrying your Bible. Made of sturdy jute and canvas material, and printed with a colorful modern design, it's both attractive and functional.
Music of Cafe Chocolat CD
This beautiful worship album contains a brilliant mix of familiar contemporary songs and classic hymns. This collection offers both upbeat and reflective music, and each song has been custom-recorded with female vocals.
Delight in God's Grace Bible Highlighter and Pen Combo
Package of 8
This custom-printed pen and highlighter combo is fun and functional. Imprinted with "Delight in God's Grace," it reminds recipients that they’re forgiven, and to celebrate God’s love.
Cafe Chocolat Overflowing Grace Mug
This custom rich brown mug is perfect for gifting–fill it with your favorite cocoa or mug cake mix as a celebration of Café Chocolat’s rich experience!
Music of Cafe Chocolat Download Card
The Music of Café Chocolat Download Card includes worship songs used in the Café Chocolat retreat program.
Cafe Chocolat Extra Value Pack with Download Music Card
The Café Chocolat Extra Value Pack offers savings for women's groups hosting the Café Chocolat women's retreat program. This pack has all the essential items women will use during the retreat, plus a few added gift items.
Cafe Chocolat Organza Bags
Package of 12
During Session 5 of the Cafe Chocolat women's retreat, women are guided through a time of personal reflection, paired with different chocolates. These caramel-colored organza bags are perfect for keeping those chocolates together and making them easy to distribute to all your guests!
Cafe Chocolat Participant Guide
This guide has been created to be used with the Café Chocolat women's retreat program.
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