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Buckaroo Bell
This clangy noisemaker lets kids know when it’s time to mooooove on to a new station, end a game, or start a new activity.
Yee-Haw Follow-Up Foto Frames®
Package of 10
Snap a photo of each child and then place the photos in these mailable frames.
Giant Black Latex Balloons
Package of 2
Your Safari Celebration Leader will use 36-in. Giant Black Balloons filled with Tissue Paper Confetti to send everyone’s heart soaring on Day 4.
Multicolored Ping Pong Balls
Package of 12
Everyone will have a ball in Safari Celebration on Day 5!
Tissue Paper Confetti
Add to the excitement in Safari Celebration on Day 4 by filling the Giant Black Balloons with multicolor confetti.
Plush Horse
This cuddly 8 in. Plush Horse is a fun addition to your Ponderosa Preschool!
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