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Makes about 300 cubes
Your Sail Away Sendoff Leader uses these non-toxic polymer gel cubes in a moving object lesson on Day 1 to show kids that even when they feel invisible, God always sees them and is holding them close. You'll need one per kid.
Package of 10
Snap a photo of each kid and then place the photos in these mailable frames. There’s room for your church’s name and an invitation to come back and chill. 4 in. x 7 in.
Package of 12
Participants use red Glow Sticks as flares in a moving experience in Sail Away Sendoff on Day 4 to signal that they need to be rescued by Jesus.
This jingle-jangly noisemaker lets kids know when it’s time to move on to a new station, end a game, or start a new activity. Plan for every station leader to have one. Ages 3+
This cuddly 8 in. Plush Penguin is used as on option for Day 2 Frozen Fun & Games. You’ll want enough penguins for ¼ of your Crews. It can also be used in an experience at Penguin Preschool Bible Adventures on Day 1! Order extras as fun gifts!
Package of 4 tubes
It’s a summer snow day on Day 2! Elementary kids use Snow Seeds in Frozen Fun & Games to help “cool down” Pip the Penguin. You’ll need 10 tubes for every 12 elementary kids. Preschoolers get in on the flurry fun during Craft & Play when they use Snow Seeds to show how Jesus’ love for us grows and grows. You’ll want 2 tubes for each preschool Crew. Ages 3+. Not for consumption.
Package of 25
You'll need one Glow Stick per participant. This is an alternate item to the original red glow stick 097138672957. The sticks are virtually the same as the originals but are packaged in a pack of 25 rather than a pack of 12.
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