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This jingle-jangly noisemaker lets kids know when it’s time to move on to a new station, end a game, or start a new activity. Plan for every station leader to have one. Ages 3+
Package of 12
Participants use red Glow Sticks as flares in a moving experience in Sail Away Sendoff on Day 4 to signal that they need to be rescued by Jesus.
This cuddly 8 in. Plush Penguin is used as on option for Day 2 Frozen Fun & Games. You’ll want enough penguins for ¼ of your Crews. It can also be used in an experience at Penguin Preschool Bible Adventures on Day 1! Order extras as fun gifts!
Package of 10
Snap a photo of each kid and then place the photos in these mailable frames. There’s room for your church’s name and an invitation to come back and chill. 4 in. x 7 in.
Package of 4 tubes
It’s a summer snow day on Day 2! Elementary kids use Snow Seeds in Frozen Fun & Games to help “cool down” Pip the Penguin. You’ll need 10 tubes for every 12 elementary kids. Preschoolers get in on the flurry fun during Craft & Play when they use Snow Seeds to show how Jesus’ love for us grows and grows. You’ll want 2 tubes for each preschool Crew. Ages 3+. Not for consumption.
Makes about 300 cubes
Your Sail Away Sendoff Leader uses these non-toxic polymer gel cubes in a moving object lesson on Day 1 to show kids that even when they feel invisible, God always sees them and is holding them close. You'll need one per kid.
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