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Buoy Bell
This clangy noisemaker lets kids know when it’s time to dive into a new station, end a game, or start a new activity.
Anchored Follow-Up Foto Frames
Package of 10
Snap a photo of each child and then place the photos in these mailable frames.
This bright, colorful parachute is always a hit!
Plush Turtle
This cuddly 8-in. Plush Turtle is a fun addition to your Little Fins Preschool!
Anchored KidVid and Music Video Digital Download
This digital download includes all five Anchored music videos plus the Coral Reef Closing video stories of Isaac and Dominic. The digital format will allow you to more easily use these files for an online VBS format. See the Anchored online VBS permissions document on VBS Tools for more information about specific media permissions for 2020.
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