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Package of 50
Castaways collect Treasure Coins throughout their adventurous hunt. Once they’ve collected all 5 unique coins, they’ll get a collector’s edition Treasure Coin Keeper to store their coins! Package includes 5 unique sets of 10 coins. One package of 50 is enough for 10 people.
Package of 10
Once castaways collect all 5 Treasure Coins, they’ll store them in the interactive 8.5 in x 5.5 in. Treasure Coin Keeper that reminds them of all the discoveries they made along the way! One per person.
At Sandy Seashore, castaways discover sand that doesn’t get wet! Kids and families will see how, even when we’re sunk in sin, Jesus gives us a fresh start! Each 12 ounce pack of Safe and Sound Sand is enough for 10 "castaways."
Package of 10
Castaways visit Best Friend Beach where they’ll create their own colorful bracelets with a Sand Dollar Pendant to remind them their friend Jesus is always with them. Each pendant is just under 1 in. wide and inscribed with a special message on the back. You'll want one per person.
Package of 10
Castaways who brave the Oh NO! Volcano station receive a 2.5 in x 1.5 in Volcano Vat filled with Keep Cool Lava. They’ll squish and squeeze the lava as they remember to find comfort from Jesus. Non-toxic, but do not ingest. One per person.
Package of 10
At the Bamboozled Jungle station, each 8.5 in. x 9 in. custom cardboard Bamboozler rolls up to help castaways decode and make their own mystery message as they find help from Jesus! One per person.
Package of 25
Castaways can keep all their treasures in one safe place with these handy treat bags.
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