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A Night in Bethlehem Event Kit
Build the faith of moms, dads, and kids alike as they discover Jesus in Bible-times Bethlehem! During this 2- to 3-hour festive event, families wander through the bustling Bethlehem marketplace and discover what life was like when Jesus was born. Unlike your typical “living Nativity,” everyone will create unique keepsakes as they interact with local shopkeepers who share the Christmas story. And they’ll love talking to Mary and Joseph in The Stable—and hearing about the miracle of Jesus’ birth.
A Night In Bethlehem: Traveler's Tote
As they enter at the City Gates, participants are given muslin Traveler's Totes to make it easier to carry items they gather along their journey--and keep their hands free for life-changing experiences!
A Night In Bethlehem: Metallic Nameplate Kit
The Metal Shop includes a special experience!
The colorful blue foil sheets in this kit become a striking keepsake as each person uses the plastic rubbing plates to create his or her own personal nameplate.
Night in Bethlehem Foto Frame

Help families remember the fun they had at your church's event with these colorful Foto Frames. Take each family's photo at your event, and then send these mailable Foto Frames as a follow-up with an invitation welcoming them back to your church. Holds a 5x7 photo. Purchase one for each family.

Package includes 10, 5 in. x 7 in. foto frames

A Night In Bethlehem: Terra-Cotta Clay
At the Pottery Shed, participants will enjoy creating and shaping their very own pottery piece with this quick-drying clay.
Night in Bethlehem Wood Ornament

At the Painter's Hut, each person will paint his or her own Night in Bethlehem wooden ornament that evokes the scene of that first Christmas night. These large ornaments are sure to be treasured by everyone. (3.5"x4") (10-pack). You'll need one per person. Age 3+

Includes, 10, 3.5 in x 4 in wood ornaments

Age 3+

Night in Bethlehem Bible Memory Coins

These wooden coins help kids remember Scripture truths. You'll need one set per person.

Includes 10 sets of 5 coins (total of 50 coins)

Bamboo Stylus
Package of 4
Kids and families will record their names at The Census Taker’s Office with these authentic Roman writing utensils. You’ll need at least four per station. (Ink not included.)
Night in Bethlehem Director Guide

Co-leading this event? Pick up extra copies of this manual for additional leaders. (One included in kit.)

Keepsake Bottle
Package of 10
Bottle up your memories and keep them for years! Families will love filling their own special spice bottle at the Spice Shoppe station. The bottles hold spices like those given to the baby King.
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