Group staff works hard! So we're committed to their well-being—both professionally and personally—by providing a range of benefits. These benefits are offered to full-time and part-time regular staff members. Highlights of our plan include:

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Group offers staff and their families health, dental and vision insurance. We contribute a significant portion towards the monthly premiums, even on family coverage.

Time Off

Group encourages our staff to take time off to rest, relax, and play! Group provides nine (9) paid holidays per calendar year, as well as personal days for regular full-time and regular part-time staff. Full-time staff members receive six (6) days and part-time staff receive three (3) days per calendar year. In addition, staff accrue vacation time on a bi-weekly basis. Accrual rates are based on tenure. All regular full-time staff acrrue ten (10) days over the first year of employment.

Profit Sharing & Retirement Plans

Group desires to share profits with our staff. Profit sharing is paid out annually in two forms: a cash bonus and a contribution to a deferred profit-sharing plan (401k). Since these contributions are based on profits, our staff takes a personal and team interest in the financial success of Group.

Group also encourages staff to save for retirement. Staff may contribute up to the IRS max per year to a 401k plan on a pre-tax basis.

Flexible Spending Account

Staff can enjoy more net income by taking advantage of our salary reduction plan. Group staff have the opportunity to have health, dental, and vision premiums, childcare expenses, and medical expenses deducted from their payroll checks on a pre-tax basis.

Life Insurance

Group provides each staff member and their family term life insurance coverage. Coverage is $25,000 for the staff member, $5,000 for the staff member's spouse, and up to $2,000 per dependent child. Group also offers staff additional life insurance at a corporate rate.

Disability Coverage

A Group staff member who is disabled may be assisted through the Sick/Personal Days Transfer Program for the first 90 days. The next 90 days will be funded by Group at 60% of the staff member's regular salary. Thereafter, each Group staff member is covered by Long Term Disability insurance paid for by Group.

Family Medical Leave

Group offers a variety of leave programs to our staff including Family Medical Leave. Family Medical General Notice (PDF)

Personal Development Programs

Group believes in helping our staff to grow personally and professionally. Training opportunities are available throughout the year.

Wellness Program

Group values wellness! We offer a wellness program, as well as other wellness activities to help our staff stay healthy.

Fitness Room

Group staff members can get a great work-out at work! The fitness room includes a variety of cardio equipment, free weights, four-stack gym, and locker rooms. In addition, staff members have access to an exercise instruction guide that was developed by a personal trainer specifically for use with our equipment.

Fireside Cafe

Group staff enjoy the cozy atmosphere of our cafe. The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, and offers a variety of snacks.

Community Service Opportunities

Group staff can experience our one-week summer work camp mission trips firsthand. Our staff get a chance to volunteer for this great service experience without having to use their vacation time. If a staff member volunteers to serve at a work camp, Group pays for their salary and travel arrangements.

Group staff also can give back to the community by participating in our Charitable Giving Committee. The committee members share the responsibility of determining how Group's annual tithe is allocated to help non-profit organizations in need.

Work Environment

Group fosters a friendly, fun, and creative work environment. The facility's decor has a mountain lodge feel with tall ceilings, real wood beams, windows in the workstations, and lots of natural light. We even have a view of the Rocky Mountains!

Our dress attire is business casual. Each staff member's work-space is his or her own, and they have the freedom to be creative in decorating it.