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Cozy Mountain Lodge Director’s Kit No Longer Available.
We create a new retreat kit each year. Our current retreat kit is Café Chocolat.


Are you ready to create an inviting getaway for your next retreat? Create a retreat experience that women will be excited about!  Get refreshed and renewed, and feel your relationship with God grow as you are enveloped in his love and grow new relationships.  We make it easy for you to make a professional retreat.

  • The all-inclusive kit contains the resources you need to do all the planning. (More on this later!)
  • Women participate in activities together so friendships will grow naturally!
  • This retreat will give women the desire to grow closer to Jesus and leave them feeling encouraged.

The Relational Retreat

The Cozy Mountain Lodge Retreat is intentionally created to answer the desires and needs of women and of women’s ministry leaders (like you). Group retreats give women opportunities to gain a deeper relationship with God while developing Christian friendships that will last well beyond the time of your retreat.


Friendships are important. Critical, even! The best way to encourage friendships is to give opportunities for them to develop! Activities, worship, and time together all contribute to women sharing stories and growing closer to each other. The Cozy Mountain Lodge retreat will help you do just that! Did you know…Research shows that those who have friends at church are more likely to be involved!


Deepening Faith

The purpose of this entire experience is to have women feel affirmed and encouraged to grow closer to Jesus. By diving into the beautiful story of Ruth and Naomi, women will learn lessons that apply to their daily life, leaving them excited to continue their journey with God and with each other.


Stress-free planning

The Cozy Mountain Lodge Director Kit is all-inclusive. What does that mean for you? You get detailed schedules, volunteer descriptions, music, planning tips, and more. We provide it all so you can plan with ease. No matter how much experience you have, the guides provided will save you hours of time!

How it Works

We keep talking about relationships. So what do we actually do to create those? Cozy Mountain Lodge is based around different sessions that get everyone involved, letting relationships develop naturally.
At your Cozy Mountain Lodge,

each session focuses on different aspects of the story of Ruth and Naomi and uses mountain imagery and metaphors to relate the story to each of us. They can all be done in the same room--there’s no need for multiple rooms! Featuring both large and small groups, the sessions can be formatted to work for any time frame, in any location!


We know how awesome Group’s retreat kits are--but don’t just take our word for it! Hear directly from our friend’s in ministry how a Group retreat kit has impacted them. Remember, you too can experience similar stories in your church!
  • "Meeting new friends was great. We shared our stories, joy and sorrows, and learned how God has worked in each of our lives."
    Stephany Maveel
    "Ahhhh, peaceful. What a good opportunity to stop and think about being still and making the Bible relevant to today!"
    DeeAnn Bragaw
  • "I really enjoyed fellowshipping with the other women and hearing their stories. It was truly a blessing! I felt God telling me to ‘be still’ and reminding me that he is God!"
    Christine Munson
    "Great discussion questions. They worked well for new introductions OR long-time relationships."
    Heidi McCarthy
  • "This was exactly the relaxing, refreshing vacation I have been meaning (and needing) to take! I laughed. I cried. I made jewelry. That’s a good girl’s day!"
    Shannon Velasquez
    "A much-needed time/moment to reflect on God’s love for me. A great time to take in a long breath and exhale and just be still with my God."
    Holly Giron


Cozy Mountain Lodge Participant Packs
These value packs are designed to save you money! The essentials pack contains all items you must have for each attendee. If you really want to pamper your guests, the extra value pack contains the essentials plus gift items for each woman.
Retreat Extras
Service project supplies and decorating posters are also available to create a memorable retreat experience.
Essentials Pack
Order Cozy Mountain Lodge Essentials Pack
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Director's Kit

The Director’s Kit is your go-to resource for planning, recruiting and leading an effective retreat. The kit includes everything so anyone can lead it--even a volunteer!

Kit no longer available. Resources are available through October 31, 2013.
Please see Café Chocolat for Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 retreats.

Cozy Mountain Lodge Director’s Kit
All the content is Bible-based and designed to help women grow in their relationship with Jesus. Every director's kit includes:
  • Director’s Guide--all the details are included, and the planning is done for you! It’s easy!
  • Training & Promo DVD--complete video training for volunteers, plus professionally-produced commercials for you to use.
  • Graphics & Other Goodies CD--themed clip art, registration tools, and more. We’ll help you look like a pro!
  • Worship Leader Guide--easy-to-follow directions for leading worship at the retreat. Sheet music is included for all songs.
  • Session Leader Guides--step-by-step guides for leading each of the seven sessions. Each includes a supply list.
  • PLUS you’ll receive full-size samples of all the per-guest essentials and gift items. This includes the Journal, Scripture Pendant, Cozy Cabin Kit, Music of Cozy Mountain Lodge CD, and Tote Bag.
All our retreats are 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you don't like it, return it for a full refund.