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 Customize this newsletter for
powerful family ministry.

You know that communicating with parents is critical and that parents aspire to raise strong Christian kids in a troubled world. The Parenting Christian Kids newsletter will help you—and parents—do just that! With incredible content for parents and a fun, modern design, this newsletter will positively impact the families in your ministry.


About Parenting Christian Kids

Parenting Christian Kids is a customizable monthly newsletter that will help you connect with the families in your children’s ministry. Each month you get a complete newsletter to keep parents informed with a minimal amount of work by you. Plus…it’s easy to distribute! You can simply email it, post it, mail it, or just print it and hand it out.

Each issue is:

  • Complete: A ready-to-print, monthly newsletter
  • Flexible: Add your calendar, customize anything (PDF format has limited customizability)
  • Relevant: Biblical-based content, preschool through 6th-grade topics
  • Affordable: $79.99 per year (that’s only $6.67 a month!)

The Goal of Parenting Christian Kids is:

  • To inform parents
  • To provide tools and training (for parents) for being the spiritual leaders in their kids’ lives
  • To open faith conversations at home
  • To be a meaningful part of the children’s minister’s family
  • To connect home and church—inspire parents to care, be equipped, and get plugged in
Parenting Christian Kids will help you reach families in the name of Jesus!

How it Works

Parenting Christian Kids is available in 3 formats:

What you will need: A copy of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe Reader. A free product called OpenOffice Writer is very similar and works on both Mac and PC.


[fully customizable]


[fully customizable]

Adobe Reader

[can customize church logo & calendar only]

Easy steps to create your newsletter:

  • Log into with your email and password. 
  • Select the most recent edition and save the newsletter to your computer. 
  • Open the downloaded newsletter in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Reader or your editing software of choice.
  • Customize as you desire by adding a logo, adding your calendar information, reworking a piece of content or adding new content (pictures, clip art or text) entirely. (Please note you can only customize your church logo and calendar in the PDF format.)
  • When you have made all the changes you want, save the document. 
  • Distribute your newsletter to your kids’ parents in the manner that is easiest for you.

Distribute the newsletter in a variety of ways:


Distribute as the body of the email or as an email attachment.


Print and copy for mailing.


Place on your church’s website as HTML, a Word document or in any other fashion you need.

6 WAYS you can easily customize the
Word and Publisher versions

Substitute photos

to customize the newsletter so that it’s more personalized for the families in your ministry.

change TEXT

—you can change words, sentences, or entire paragraphs to meet your needs.

add your church logo

and contact information so that families will know the newsletter’s from you, and how they can contact you.

customize the calendar

with your ministry plans for the month so families will know about all the exciting plans you have for them.

PRINT IN 4-color or grayscale

Print the newsletter in 4-color, or save a little money and print it grayscale.

use additional page templates

to create extra pages so you can add content specific to your ministry.

With the PDF format, you are able to customize your church logo and the calendar so that families will know the newsletter is from you
and can read about all the happenings you have planned specifically for them!

In Each Issue

each parenting christian kids newsletter is themed and packed with:

  • Articles, parenting principles, pointers, and more—all focused on a relevant, monthly theme
  • Scripture woven throughout
  • Power Source—a prayer guide
  • Teachable Moment—a family activity tied to the theme and to Jesus
  • Media Madness—5 reviews of recent or upcoming media releases for kids and families
  • Current cultural trends and stats that provide insights for parents
  • Customizable monthly calendar


  • “I love the informative articles. I think they apply very well to most age-groups. I really like the Power Source area... just a great help to parents who may be so caught-in-the-middle of parenting that they don’t even remember/know what to pray for.”

    -Laura Vallette, Big Rapids, Michigan

    “The idea of a customizable parent letter is great. With Group providing us with “helps, wisdom, and info” for parents we are able to have newsletters that contain our church info with a professional look. This is great for our church. We don't have a church staff nor members who by profession are able to produce such quality work on a regular basis, but the parents in community need to be better informed. Parenting skills are really needed in our current culture.” 

    -Toni Bauknight, Roselle, New Jersey

    “I’ve used Parenting Christian Kids for over 5 years and it’s a nice resource for families because many parents are overwhelmed with what to do and where to turn for suggestions. It’s just the right balance between information and reasonable Christ-centered application for families. The media information and culture and trends keep parents up to date with new releases and statistical data that are relevant to any family with children.”

    -Kathleen Shrader, Madison, Wisconsin

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