KidMin 2014 | Columbus, OH, September 26-29, 2014



Choose from a variety of practical two-hour workshops in addition to Deeper Learning Tracks and Half-Tracks. Workshops occur at various times throughout the entire conference so you have flexibility to create a schedule that works for you.

Too much great stuff to choose from? No worries! KidMin offers a broad array of two-hour workshops on lots of popular topics. Plus, they’re scheduled throughout the conference, so you can attend whichever ones work best for you.


4 Acts of Love for Children’s Ministry: VISION

Thom & Joani Schultz
Our churches require us to reach today’s families with fresh strategies. Explore Thom and Joani’s book Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore: And How 4 Acts of Love Will Make Your Church Irresistible. Discover practical, profound, simple, magnetic ways to touch lives in your children’s ministry with Jesus-style love.

12 Steps to Surviving the First Two Years of Ministry: PERSONAL GROWTH

E.C. Cunningham
You’re new to ministry, and you’re doing everything you know to be effective. What happens when the kids, parents, and pastor bring on the pressure? Follow 12 steps to stay afloat and survive the first, and sometimes challenging, years of children’s ministry.

Basic Tech Tips—Practical, Affordable, and Doable Ideas: IDEAS

Brandon Early
If you’re looking for practical, affordable, and doable ideas, don’t miss this workshop. You’ll experience creative ways to leverage everyday technology to communicate God’s message to a young audience. Leave with links to great content, discount codes, and giveaways of excellent tech toys, tools, and apps.

Bringing the Bible to Life: IDEAS

David Jennings
Wish you could take your kids back in time to experience every page of the Bible and bring each of these pages to life? You can! Discover at least 50 practical new ideas you can take home and use right away to help children know God’s love for them. You’ll also explore various “smarts”
that aim to help kids experience the Bible in a surprising
and personally specific way.

Building Blocks for Sustainable Ministry: LEADERSHIP

Jeff Dunn-Rankin & Annette Safstrom
The day of the kid magnet, focused only on the children, is over and has moved beyond traditional person-centered/program-centered ministries. In this workshop, find out what it means to become a leader equipped to make the leap from a short-term, patchwork ministry to one that promises to last.

Succeeding on a Church Staff: PERSONAL GROWTH

Christiaan VandenHeuvel
How do you work with your church staff and boards to get what you need to operate the best children’s ministry? One of the greatest gifts you can give children, families, and volunteers is to learn the skills needed to get the resources you need for ministry. In this workshop, you’ll uncover the need for conflict, how to communicate so others hear, and how to lead up to your senior leader.

Church Growth for Any Size Church: VISION

Gina McClain
Identify effective ways to reach into your community, draw kids and families into your church, and prepare a framework to sustain growth. You’ll discover how to create a structure for growth and deliver a team of volunteers that makes kids want to come back for more.

Creative Outreach: IDEAS

Andrea Hopgood
Have you ever had a dream of creating events that are a combination of spiritual truths as well as fun? In this workshop, you’ll brainstorm with others and walk through the steps of building events that have value and purpose. You’ll even leave with evaluation tools for your children’s ministry designed to give you meaningful feedback.

Developing Confident Parents: FAMILY MINISTRY

Jim Burns
Family ministry focuses on families so families mentor their children and a legacy of faith continues. This session will provide you with practical ideas and programs that’ll help parents more effectively take on the role of spiritual leadership in their families and households.

Desperate Households—Helping Families Choose Christ Over Culture: FAMILY MINISTRY

Katie Wetherbee
Come engage, interact, and role-play with others to better understand stress, fatigue, and financial implications of emphasizing achievement and popularity in your family. In this workshop, you’ll consider relational challenges such as bullying and peer pressure. While cultural concerns tend to strain families, you’ll receive encouraging, Christ-centered strategies to equip you in facing these dilemmas.

Enabled for Kidmin Mastery: LEADERSHIP

Steve Adams
Prepare yourself and become enabled for kidmin mastery by learning strategies to lead up, communicate effectively, and deal with conflict head on. This workshop will show you how to develop strong teams, practice the art of creative thinking, and develop and cast vision for the future. You’ll also consider how to manage energy and focus your energy to help you become and remain fully engaged in your ministry.

Engage Kids From Beginning to End: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Andrea Hopgood
Come explore various teaching models to better understand your ministry philosophy. Discuss the pros and cons of combining large groups and small groups, lessons specifically for small groups, and rotating group dynamics for Sunday school. Experience hands-on activities that’ll engage kids in the lesson from the moment they walk through the door to the moment their parents get them.

Extrava-GAME-za: IDEAS

Toby Rowe
Dive in for two hours of NEW high-energy interactive games that have been tried and tested with more than 350,000 young people in Group-sponsored Workcamps and Week of Hope all over the United States. Come play and learn the best of these incredible games that’ll send you back to the kids in your ministry with fantastic, new ideas.

Help! We’re a Small Church: VISION

Ricardo Miller
Do you feel the challenge of being a small church with limited resources? No staff, yet you have a vision and a passion to reach young people? Help is here! This workshop will provide practical strategies on how to thrive in any environment. You’ll learn how to win and maximize what you have right at your own church so you get the most out of what you’ve got.

The Jesus-Less Gospel: VISION

Rick Lawrence
Have well-meaning ministry strategies subtly erased “the real Jesus” from our menu? Experience an honest exposure of the “Jesus-less” gospel. Explore how different environments mold us, compare the power of kids’ environments with the influence of flawed “formulas” for spiritual growth, and consider the severe limitations of an understand-and-apply approach to ministry.

Leading Through Transition: PERSONAL GROWTH

Andrea Hopgood
New job? New pastor? New team? Explore ways to increase team morale while evaluating the way you cope with change. By exploring personality and conflict management test results, you’ll gain insight into how you work best and why you respond the way you do to change.

Making the Most of Learning Styles: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Kal Otis
Kids and those who teach them have different learning styles and this can create confusion, frustration, and obstacles. This workshop will help you understand how each style receives and uses information—and how you can become more effective in adapting lessons, communicating, teaching, and evaluating your success in reaching those God has entrusted to you.

Ministry Productivity Hacks: PERSONAL GROWTH

Nick Diliberto
Do you have a never ending to-do list? Do you reach the end of the day filled with anxiety because you didn’t get enough done? In this workshop, you’ll learn little-known secrets to getting more done with less effort and maximizing your effectiveness in ministry.

Moms Rock! Why Moms Ministry Matters: FAMILY MINISTRY

Amy Nappa
Wondering if you should start a moms ministry? Or do you want to refresh the ministry you have? This workshop will explore why a ministry to moms is important and look at a few models for this kind of ministry. Come for great ideas, uplifting encouragement, and innovative inspiration!

More Ideas Than You Can Count: IDEAS

Steve Alley
In this workshop, you’ll encounter tons of practical ideas for stimulating children’s faith. Using video clips, social media, family events, service projects, cross-age ministry, and more, this workshop is designed to help you walk away with ideas you can use right away!

Nursery Ministry That Matters: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Sheila Halasz
Feed the lambs, don’t just babysit them. Discover how your ministry lays the foundation of faith growth for a lifetime. Explore brain development insights and how to teach babies and toddlers in ways they learn best. Come experience compelling ways to make your church nursery more engaging.

Outside the Lines: PERSONAL GROWTH

Patty Smith
Leaders today often face several common challenges, including driving change, challenging the status quo, and leading teams to solve complex problems. Creativity and creative thinking are now more important than ever and are considered to be among the top core leadership skills. Discover how to unlock barriers that prevent your best creative work and identify ways to become a creative leader.

Partnering With the Modern Family: FAMILY MINISTRY

Anthony Prince
Discover the best ways to create a church environment where families in your community feel welcomed and are encouraged to partner with your team. Discuss the common pitfalls that family ministry models fall into that limit their ability to impact nontraditional families and simple ways to make your ministry more family-friendly.

Select a Winning Team: LEADERSHIP

Dale Hudson
Everyone has a place to serve within the body of Christ.  And as a children’s ministry leader, you’re called to be a “placement coach” who helps others find their next step to growth through serving. Discover the best practices for inviting and bringing new volunteers aboard your team.

Spiritual Development in Children: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Kal Otis
Throughout the childhood years, each developmental stage brings profound changes that impact the way children learn and grow. Discover what the Scriptures have to say about the need for appropriate environments and stimuli at each stage to impress biblical truths for lasting eternal impact. Consider ways to create and modify teaching materials, design environments, and partner with parents at various ages and stages of a child’s life.

A Surge of the Extemporaneous!: IDEAS

Cynthia Crane
Extemporaneous means “with little or no preparation or forethought.” It’s not that you forgot to plan; sometimes you have no choice but to do it on the fly. Here’s the thing: You can expect those times with tons of fun ideas to keep in your back pocket. Find solid activities you can turn to anytime, and see how big God can be when we trust in his plan and not our own.


Mary Sims
Maximize prayer in fresh and exciting new ways while you teach kids to pray at different ages. Explore various ways to pray that can be used to engage kids and get the whole church and family involved. Experience multiple prayer styles from the Lord’s Prayer to using music and art to pray. Take home creative prayer strategies to your children’s ministry.

Team-Building Games: LEADERSHIP

Kal Otis
A team that plays together stays together! This interactive workshop will help you use games to build a culture of teamwork and communicate a shared vision for the future. Plus, you’ll learn how to focus your team’s energy to achieve that vision.