KidMin 2014 | Columbus, OH, September 26-29, 2014



If you want both variety and some deeper learning experiences, the Half-Track is the way to go. You get four total hours of training with depth and breadth. Sessions are either Saturday morning and afternoon OR Sunday morning and afternoon.

  • Get to know other children’s ministers and the presenter on a more personal level, along with practical, meaty take-aways.
  • Choose from a list of fascinating, relevant topics.
  • Attend the entire Half-Track for the full experience, or mix and match with other sessions.

Half-Tracks offer two 2-hour sessions per topic for a total of four hours focused on learning, discussion, and application. They allow for depth and breadth—a mix between the exploration of Deeper Learning Tracks and the broader scope of workshops.


The Bottomless Cookie Jar—Never Run Out of Creative Ideas: PERSONAL GROWTH

Jeff White
Session 1: The First Bite—Keeping Ministry Fresh
Session 2: More to Chew On—A Biblical Approach to Creativity
This fun yet practical session will teach you a simple but highly effective method for turning average ideas into spectacular ideas for children’s ministry. You’ll explore how to expect the unexpected, how to outdo yourself every day, how creativity can transform your ministry and kids’ lives, and the surprising emphasis the Bible places on creativity.

Build a Kidmin That Impacts Home: FAMILY MINISTRY

Brian Haynes
Session 1: Church and Home: A Simple Plan
Session 2: Discipleship at Home
What if you could lead your kids so influentially that it changed their lives at home? Learn to do just that as you build a life-changing children’s ministry inside your church. Discover how you can empower any home for spiritual growth and have more influence than you can imagine! You’ll work with others to leverage God’s influence through you to shape the most influential environment in every child’s life: the home.

Leading Kids in Worship: VISION

David Wakerley
Session 1: The Creative Leader
Session 2: Break Down the Worship Experience
Take a creative approach to worship and explore ways to praise that extend beyond the walls of your local church. Become a creative worship leader and discover how to cultivate a lively and vibrant worship experience. Empower families to carry worship from their churches to their homes, communities, and neighbors around the world.

Creating a Quality Preschool Ministry: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Sheila Halasz
Session 1: Building Blocks of Effective Ministry
Session 2: Amazing Activities to Do With Preschoolers
Move beyond babysitting to give preschoolers (birth to age 5) what they need to become unique children of God. Learn how to create a vision, understand your audience in their stage of development, maintain discipline, and implement progress reports. You’ll learn about preschoolers’ multiple intelligences, praying for the young child, and engaging parents and guardians.

Double Your Volunteers: LEADERSHIP

Christiaan VandenHeuvel
Session 1: The Messenger
Session 2: The Message
Find out the five most effective, bang-for-your-buck methods of recruiting new volunteers! These are foundational, simple (but not always easy) ways you can position yourself and your entire ministry for success in leading volunteers. You’ll step beyond easy gimmicks that produce temporary results to find out how to double your number of volunteers in 12 months!

Children’s Pastor as “Pastor”: PERSONAL GROWTH

E.C. Cunningham
Session 1: Who Does a Kidmin Pastor Pastor?
Session 2: Tools for Effective Kidmin Pastoring
Getting into kidmin is fun, but it’s not all games. You hold in your hands lives that God has called you to shepherd. Discover what being a pastor to children and families really means. You’ll dive into the areas you must strengthen to effectively care for those God has called you to care for. Come and grow in your role as pastor.

Helping Kids Grow in Their Faith: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Danielle Bell
Session 1: Planting Seeds in Kids and Nourishing the Soil of Their Faith
Session 2: Pruning and Replanting the Fruit of a Child’s Faith
With growing an authentic faith in Jesus as our goal, come experience R.E.A.L. ways to reach children. Learn how to present the gospel so deep roots are planted and encourage the study of God’s Word to cultivate faithful disciples. You’ll discover how to provide opportunities for kids to apply truth so they’re lifelong doers of the Word.

Leveraging Technology for Ministry: IDEAS

Brandon Early
Session 1: 20 Tech Resources to Make You Look Like a Pro
Session 2: Teaching and Reaching With Technology
You have a tablet, smartphone, TV, projector, and laptop…now what? Leveraging technology is greater than the fluff of social media. Together, we’ll spark ideas that’ll maximize technology in your ministry. Discover how to use tech tools to take the message of Jesus to the edge of your reach and expand your impact all in a language kids and parents understand.

Making Church Irresistible to Kids: FAMILY MINISTRY

Ricardo Miller
Session 1: Big Church vs. Kids Church
Session 2: Keys to the Wow Factor
When was the last time you heard kids leave church and say, “Children’s church was awesome! I can’t wait to come back next week.” Learn to create the ultimate “wow” experience for kids and make your weekly children’s ministry one that kids can’t resist. You’ll get practical tips on how to make your children’s ministry a bright spot for kids. Come create a fun children’s ministry foundation that’s kid-friendly and unforgettable.

Opening Doors for Kids With Limiting Disabilities: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Pat Verbal
Session 1: Understanding the Unique Needs of Children With Limited Abilities
Session 2: “Can Do” Plans for Children With Physical Challenges
Children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, pervasive developmental disorders, muscular dystrophy, Down syndrome, and various speech and visual impairments need your help. Discover the extra preparation and volunteer training your ministry needs to ensure these kids and their families feel welcome, safe, and successful. You’ll receive effective tools to equip you and your church in serving children with special needs.


Nick Diliberto
Session 1: Your First Two Years
Session 2: Build a Dream Team of Volunteers
Launching a preteen ministry or new to preteen ministry? Come and learn everything you need to know about your first two years in preteen ministry. You’ll learn what makes preteens tick, effective programming, ways to launch a preteen ministry, and how to help preteens grow in their faith in Jesus. You’ll also leave with tools to recruit, train, and retain a dream team of volunteers.

R.E.A.L. Solutions for Real Challenges: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Gary Lindsay
Session 1: Every Child Reached
Session 2: Classroom Challenges—Solved
Discover how R.E.A.L. learning solves many of the real challenges we face in ministry to kids. Whether it’s equipping volunteers to grow spiritually or to engage kids, get practical solutions to overcome your most pressing challenges. Get the secret to volunteers that commit—and stay longer. Discover key ingredients to an environment that squelches discipline issues and stops them before they start.

Recruiting That Works: LEADERSHIP

Anthony Prince
Session 1: Better Than the Bulletin
Session 2: Beyond the Basics
Build and lead a thriving children’s ministry volunteer team. You’ll focus on recruitment strategies that go beyond bulletin announcements. Learn next-level tips and tricks to volunteer recruitment and retention and how to target specific people for your ministry teams. You’ll take away proven strategies that’ll help you reach, connect, and equip the newest members of your team.

Strategic Leadership: LEADERSHIP

Gina McClain
Session 1: Becoming a Leader Who Leads Others
Session 2: Leading Strategically Toward Change
Learn how to grow as a strategic leader yourself—and how to shepherd and empower other leaders. Explore how to define and reach a strategic goal, consider ways to pursue your goal, and develop achievable action steps for your ministry. Additionally, you’ll discover how to lead change effectively so you don’t leave your team in the dust.

Surviving to Thriving: PERSONAL GROWTH

Gloria S. Lee
Session 1: Check-In: How Am I Really Doing?
Session 2: Where Do I Go From Here?
Are you giving, giving, giving—without filling up? You’re not alone! So many of us have been there. We keep giving because we love what we do, but our souls also need to be ministered to. Come and be refilled so you can give out of the fullness that comes from God. Let’s take some time together to be refreshed and renewed.