KidMin 2014 | Columbus, OH, September 26-29, 2014

Deeper Learning Tracks

Deeper Learning Tracks

Here’s the most intensive, in-depth way to experience KidMin. Each track offers eight hours of focused learning, discussion, and application through four 2-hour sessions.

Session 1 is Saturday morning.

Session 2 is Saturday afternoon.

Session 3 is Sunday morning.

Session 4 is Sunday afternoon.

  • You’ll sit with small groups at round tables.
  • You’ll build amazing relationships with the speaker and each other.
  • You’ll be equipped and energized to implement practical strategies in your ministry.
  • You can attend all four sessions or jump around to other sessions.
Deeper Learning

Build a Family-Friendly Children’s Ministry: FAMILY MINISTRY

Jim Burns
Session 1: Build Strong Marriages
Session 2: Develop Confident Parents
Session 3: Empower Kids With Morals and Values
Session 4: Become a Healthy Leader
Discover how to equip families to mentor their children effectively so a legacy of faith continues to grow and flourish. You’ll find 20 ideas to refresh a marriage, programs to help parents take a main role of spiritual leadership in their families, and ways to empower children with healthy views of sexuality, media, and drug/alcohol use. This session will also help you develop leadership skills to help balance your family life and ministry as you discover practical ways to cultivate a vital family ministry.

The Generator Track: IDEAS

Cynthia Crane
Session 1: A Surge of Experiences
Session 2: A Surge of the Extemporaneous
Session 3: The Sound of Surge
Session 4: A Little Bit of Surge-ry
Whether you’re just starting in ministry or have been at it for years, you need an energy source! Come get your batteries charged with a slew of ideas and activities that’ll get you moving and shaking. Have fun with others who love kids as much as you do and, most importantly, generate your own ideas and learn to trust in yourself. Warning: These sessions have been known to cause people to get up out of their seats, get a little competitive, run around the room, and laugh and smile excessively.

Hurried, Worried, and Weary—Offering Hopeto Hurting Families: FAMILY MINISTRY

Katie Wetherbee
Session 1: Body Building: Including Families Affected by “Hidden” Disabilities
Session 2: Desperate Households: Helping Families Choose Christ Over Culture
Session 3: First Aid: Supporting Families in Crisis
Session 4: One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Welcoming All Kinds of Families at Church
Come examine common barriers to families’ engagement in church. Discover how mental health issues and other “hidden disabilities” affect faith development. Practice strategies for including families and kids with special needs. Explore ways to help families in crisis find balance rooted in Christ. Identify the unique challenges of nontraditional families, and discover how to nurture kids and adults in all families.

Jesus-Centered Ministry: VISION

Rick Lawrence
Session 1: The Jesus-Less Gospel
Session 2: Answering the Best Question of All Time
Session 3: Helping Children Find Their True Name
Session 4: A Beeline for Everything in Ministry
Is your pursuit of Jesus far less interesting than the pursuit of new ministry strategies, worship ideas, Christian disciplines, or creative ways to study the Bible? If you created a children’s ministry that’s radically, creatively, passionately, and even ridiculously centered in Jesus, how would it change the way you see your calling and what you do in ministry? Let yourself be personally transformed in these sessions,
and leave with new ideas to bring back to your ministry.

Practical Ideas for Growing Kids’ Faith: UNDERSTANDING KIDS

Steve Alley
Session 1: How Kids’ Faith Grows
Session 2: Key Ingredients for Spiritual Growth
Session 3: Building Lessons That Impact Faith
Session 4: More Ideas Than You Can Count
Understand how faith grows from a child’s perspective and how to stimulate faith. Discover what every child needs to grow spiritually, and become an expert at being a “salty” influence in children’s lives. Explore ways to make learning attractive to children—and see the lesson go home. Get
tons of practical ideas!

Secrets to Sustainable Children’s Ministry: LEADERSHIP

Jeff Dunn-Rankin & Annette Safstrom
Session 1: Five Reasons You Might Be Stuck
Session 2: Building Blocks for Sustainable Ministry
Session 3: Working Together: Building Teams That Win
Session 4: Assessing Your Ministry and Designing Your Blueprint
Build a thriving ministry for children and families. A life-transforming, sustainable children’s ministry can never be built on a disjointed collection of ideas from popular books, models, or workshops that produce frustration and a nagging sense of unrealized potential. It’s crucial to first determine an established structure that’ll propel it forward. Learn how to build your ministry with intentionality—with advice, ideas, and strategies from the gold standard of children’s ministry consultants.

S.E.R.V.E.—Building a Thriving Volunteer Team: LEADERSHIP

Dale Hudson
Session 1: Select a Winning Team
Session 2: Equip Volunteers to Serve
Session 3: Relate and Validate: Motivate Volunteers
Session 4: Empower Volunteers to Lead
The success of your children’s ministry rises and falls on the strength of the volunteer team you build. It’s not what you can do. It’s what you can empower others to do! Building a volunteer team can also be the biggest challenge in children’s ministry. But with the S.E.R.V.E. model, you can build and equip your dream team with a strategy that’s proven to work.

Transforming Lives in Surprising Ways: VISION

Jody Brolsma & Christine Yount Jones
Session 1: REAL-ly Transform Your Ministry
Session 2: Supernatural Ways to Reach Families
Session 3: Supersize Your Summer Ministry
Session 4: REAL Kids and REAL Ministry
Experience Group’s R.E.A.L. learning as you dive into the philosophy and research behind Group resources. Maximize what you’re already doing to reach today’s families. Get insider information that’ll supersize your summer outreach efforts. Discover kids’ top cries today and how your ministry can give them what they long for—a loving relationship with Jesus!

The Unconventional Kidmin: VISION

Patty Smith
Session 1: Breakthrough Thinking
Session 2: Innovation Lab
Session 3: Outside the Lines
Session 4: Status Quo, Oh No!
Explore key facets of creativity and innovation among a group of passionate children’s ministers. Share best practices, life experiences, and perplexing challenges from a variety of church contexts. You’ll learn creative techniques and methods that can be used in your ministry immediately. Additionally, you’ll emerge renewed and armed with the skills you and your church need to stay relevant, dynamic, and multidimensional.

Winning Leadership—Overcome Any Obstacle: LEADERSHIP

Steve Adams
Session 1: Embrace Leadership: You Have What It Takes
Session 2: Empowered for Impact
Session 3: Equipped to Lead With Love
Session 4: Enabled for Kidmin Mastery

The Apostle Paul told Timothy to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave him. Explore Paul’s words to Timothy as a guide while you consider how to succeed in children’s ministry. Get practical applications you can implement in your ministry to “climb any ministry mountain” and develop into the leader God called you to be.