KidMin 2014 | Columbus, OH, September 26-29, 2014

Ministry Conversations

Ask questions…gain perspective…get advice…and so much more at a Ministry Conversation.

These panels-with-a-twist feature experienced ministry leaders who’ve “been through it all” and can offer wisdom on each relevant topic. These are FREE one-hour sessions on Friday afternoon that’ll help you dive into fresh ministry ideas.

Deeper Learning

All Alone

Ministry can be lonely—especially when others in your church don’t share your passion or vision. Connect with and hear from others who are in the same position as you, explore ways to thrive in ministry when you’re a team of one, and build a network to take home with you.

Balancing Ministry and Family

“Family ministry” starts at home, but how do you turn off the phone, clear the calendar, and be present for your family when there are so many ministry needs? Discuss challenges you face and hear how ministry veterans have walked this tightrope with finesse.

Competing With Sports

Game on! Tired of families choosing sports leagues ahead of church attendance? Why are some parents consumed with kids’ athletics but skimp on church? Tackle ways to ensure spiritual growth is #1 for the families in your ministry.

Cross-Cultural Children’s Ministry

Just because it wasn’t created here in the States doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing movement from God! Come hear from others who are innovating and experiencing God’s hand in their ministry (outside these borders)—and explore what God wants to do in your context as well.

Hope for Home

Raising a prodigal child? Dealing with a marriage on the mend or breaking beyond repair? Perhaps you’ve left a family member at home who has special needs or a serious illness. Whatever your need is at home, learn how others balance family and ministry when their family has so many needs.

How to Get a Volunteer Wait List

What? Is that even possible? Come hear from others who’ve figured out a few secrets (including lots of prayer) to have volunteers lining up to serve in children’s ministry. Share ideas, challenges, and solutions in this conversation.

Kidmin Is My “Other” Job

Whether you’re bivocational (working two jobs) or part-time (paid or unpaid) staff, your challenges and opportunities are unique. How do you earn respect? How do you juggle it all? How do you manage so many priorities? Talk about it with these new friends.

Ministry in Non-Sunday Settings

If your ministry is to at-risk kids, a midweek outreach into the community, foster-care families, a military base, or some other unique setting, you’ll find encouragement and inspiration here. Come hear from experts who are breaking out of the church walls!

More Than Babysitting

Enough already with people thinking all you do is babysit! Discover how these ministry veterans have turned around their church’s view of their ministry’s impact. (And get a dose of “put on your big-kid pants” in this solutions vs. complaints conversation.)

Multi-Site Ministry

If you have to wear 100 hats as a kidmin leader, then you have to wear 1,000 as a multi-site leader. Come hear how experts are figuring out this new model. Share your challenges, fears, and joys in this conversation.

Preteens: Moving From Children’s to Youth Ministry

Explore ways to develop a strong bond between you and your youth ministry leader. In this conversation, discuss how to enhance that middle ground where the handoff from children’s to youth ministry takes place.

Seismic Economics and Your Church

Whether your church has downsized or is facing budget cuts, these are definitely uncertain financial times for most churches. Unpack strategies for maximizing slim staffs, budgets, resources, volunteers, and your own ability to keep thriving in ministry.

Getting the Most Out of KidMin Workshop

Shannon Velasquez
Start off right with a Group KidMin Conference insider to get the most out of Training Zones, Connect Groups, The Shelter, Late-Night and Early-Morning Options, and more. Discover the core values of our conference and why we infuse everything with Group’s R.E.A.L. learning philosophy. Learn how to use the conference booklet and our new conference app. Let us roll out the red carpet, shower you with radical hospitality, and equip you for a great conference!